It's Friday Time For 3 Up and 3 Down

I said last week will make this a weekly thing for the off-season. So here it is another star filled edition of 3 up and 3 down.

3 Up

#1 Anyone Not Talking About Lebron James- Seriously give yourself a pat on the back. I obviously can't because by mentioning him in this I am in effect talking about Lebron James. Oh well who said royalty is dead everyone is talking about The King.

#2 St Louis Wings- We love them and are happy to be working with them for our DNB Draft Party. It is going to be fun will have all the details for you on Monday. But it will be at the Atrium location on Bay St in Toronto on June 23rd the night of the NBA Draft.

#3 Miami Heat- Hey all you Heat haters be thankful this series is going 7 games because after that it is going to be nothing but labour talk for the foreseeable future. You will miss bashing Lebron James and Chris Bosh then.

3 Down

#1 Construction- I love the summer but here in Canada it is also construction season and where I live I am trapped by it. It is annoying and drives me nuts. No this has nothing to do with basketball but I needed to vent.

#2 Jason Terry Stupid Airplane Celebration- Seriously dude take that stuff and go play football for the Jets. Oh wait there is no football either. But I would love to see someone just crush him for doing that. Can we get a hard foul Miami? Or here is an idea how about you guard this guy?

#3 Joey Crawford or NBA Refs- Think it was Joey that blew this call. Lost in all the Lebron Bashing was the lousy call that he got jobbed on that lead to the Dallas run to close game 5. The rule is simple if you are in that little circle it is not a charge. Tyson Chandler was in that circle and it was a charge. Mark Cuban has not made on peep about the officials in this series. Back in 2006 you couldn't shut him up about it. So what has changed? Mark Cuban has matured and is sick of being fined? No more like a lot of calls are going his way and there is no need to complain.

I would like to give a special shout out to Charles Barkley as well for 2 things. Other day while driving around heard a story that back in 1999 Barkley who was in Vancouver for a game vs the Grizzlies was out the night before partying with the Hamilton Ti-Cats who had just won the Grey Cup. In addition Barkley summed up my thoughts on the Heat very nice. They are hard to root for. Why that is according to Chuck was the fact they figured winning 5 or 6 or even 7 titles was easy as pie. Barkley mentioned a number of great legends that never one a title in various sports and how that was disrespectful to all of them. There is only one Charles Barkley and he is just great.

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