Andrea Bargnani Continues To Be A Royal Pain In Loss To Kings

It is becoming almost repetitive in nature at this point. The Raptors once again dig themselves a hole, they dig out of it, but Bargnani back in the game and lose.  Kyle Lowy had 34 points and 11 assists but it wasn’t enough to hold off the Kings or the curse that has become Andrea Bargnani. He was 3-14 going 0-6 from three point land with just 8 points. Jonas Valanciunas also had tough night at the office with just 3 points and found himself in foul trouble early and did not see much time once he was. DeRozan only had 14 points as well and had another night of frustration in terms of getting calls.

Lost in the losing was also a great performance by Mickael Pietrus with 21 points and a slam dunk that made everyone just stop and say wow. Also during the Raptors struggles and specifically Bargnani’s struggles Ed Davis continues to produce with his second double double of the season with 13 points and 11 rebounds in just less than 23 minutes off the bench.

The Raptors now sit with the second worst record in the NBA and a fan base that is absolutely furious. Dwane Casey has stuck to the line he said after the team lost in double overtime to the Spurs. “Come hell or high water” Andrea Bargnani is his guy or their guy.

Fans are at a loss with what to make of this. While many want Bargnani traded and gone that really just repeats a Raptors mistake of the past. Trading players at their lowest point in terms of value has happened before.  Something this franchise has been very good at. That said, sending him to the bench as some have suggested doesn’t really do much to improve his value either.

It appears the much talked about trading for Paul Gasol that I speculated on weeks ago in the Bleacher Report has now actually been talked about in reality. But the Lakers want to wait on Steve Nash returning from injury before they make any decisions on Pau. Once again Nash screws Colangelo a second time.

Things are just terrible and the Raptors still have three games left on this West Coast Trip all tougher than the Kings. The Raptors could very well be 4-18 the next time you see them at the ACC hosting the Brooklyn Nets next Wednesday. If that is true and Andrea Bargnani is still a Raptor who ever does show up will likely let him hear it.

Things are reaching a boiling point for a lot of fans. Some last night over boiled on Twitter. It may get worse before it gets any better.

Oh yeah….Raptors lost to the Kings 107-100.

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