Starting 5 With John Chick From CBC.CA

I go back in my personal history to talk with one of the great people I got to know working at TSN. This was so long ago Sportscentre was called Sportsdesk. My time there allowed me to get to know some pretty great people and this is one of them. John Chick now covers NBA and Raptors for CBC.CA and was one of the many great people I got to know that had a passion for basketball at TSN. We catch up and talk about Adnan Virk was another one of the people I met back in those days. Adnan was guest here a few times when he was working for The Score at the same time I was. I reconnected with John covering a Raptors game and knowing him thought he would make for a great guest to talk with for The Starting 5. If you don't follow him on Twitter you probably should as he is just as entertaining as me on the good old twitter machine. He can be found @roofthatpeach on Twitter. Worth a follow on their and worth a listen on here. We talk about the strange situation the Raptors find themselves in despite their current 4 game winning streak. The future of the franchise in terms of Bryan Colangelo and Dwane Casey. As well as some talk of Andrew Wiggins and the recent actions of the NCAA as relates to Myck Kabongo who has been a guest here on several occasions.

Was great to catch up with John and as long as the world is still here tomorrow you can expect to see him back as guest in the blog in the future. It is funny how many people that I have got to know in my life in terms of the media. Where that all started was in my short time with TSN. It is nice to know that those relationships have been able to stand the test of time.

If you have trouble getting the podcast through the site head over to our podcast host and you can listen there or download it through Itunes or directly.

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