Brooklyn In Our House

A quick preview of what could be a very ugly night at the ACC. You wanted Andrea Bargnani gone? He is but not by a trade by injury as he it out indefinitely. Amir Johnson as suspect did get suspended for a game. Kyle Lowry is hurt and being re-evaluated. Kleiza hurt too, Pietrus may not go either. There are technically 8 healthy bodies and things are so desperate the Raptors are scrambling to try and get Quincy Acy back on the roster for tonight’s game vs. Brooklyn Nets. 

If that doesn’t work DeMar DeRozan was jokingly recruiting people from the media to suit up tonight. My big chance!!! But sadly I have not played a competitive game since the age of thirteen. It has all the makings of another very ugly loss for Toronto in this one. However, this one would be more than understandable given the state of the roster.

If you were thinking maybe Anderson or Fields would make an unexpected return that isn’t going to happen as neither is ready to go yet. Still have not even had a timetable laid out for a return for Fields.

So off to Toronto I go…least I will get to see Reggie Evans for first time in over a year and half. He has been starting for the Nets of late.

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