DNB Fan Experience: Raptors vs. Linsanity

Hey fans!

Your girl Jerrica is here back in the blog to talk about Sunday's awesome win against the Rockets and of course I have to include some stuff about Ed Davis.

Ever since Bargnani made that comment about us being the worst team in the league two things have occurred.

One: We're on a two game win streak!
Two: My favourite Raptor Ed Davis has been given more of an opportunity to show his potential and prove to the fans that he can do big things for our team!

Of course the latter could be considered a biased opinion since I am his number one fan but I'm not the only one who believes so.

Those of you who have read James' posts you can tell that he, too, believes that Ed Davis has been doing really well and have been creating some of the best stats in his career.

Josh (@Darkstar_Inc) tweeted me saying: Hey @jeaarr, remember all the Ed Davis haters last year? What ever happened to them? #HesShowingThem #YouAlwaysKnew

David (@VuddyDidNotPlay) tweeted me: wish he played some in the 4th but at least we won.

Ed has certainly grown as a player and everyone asked me why I would be his number one fan and I just let his stats and his performance speak for itself.

To further my point I found this tweet in the twitterverse:

@tdotsfinest26: Ed Davis has long ways to go but I have seen a big improvement in him. More post moves, better shooting. BETTER!

There are so many positives about our Raptors that doesn't just begin and end with Ed Davis' improvement. Jose Calderon has been killing it with his second triple double on Sunday but with all this hype will there be more fans coming to the ACC to support our boys?

What I dislike the most about going to watch a game at the ACC against a "big" team or a team with "big players" is that Torontonians come to watch them and not our boys.

On any normal game you would see crowds of Raptors fans dressed in jerseys, hats, shirts and/or sweaters. You would feel that you are going to a Raptors game. On Sunday, I felt otherwise. I saw Jeremy Lin jerseys left right and centre. I saw blue instead of a sea of red. Only about two people were wearing Jeremy Lin Rockets jerseys and the rest were in Jeremy Lin knicks jerseys/shirts.

Just like the Lakers game I watched with James last year there were Jeremy "Fan Boys" as you can see in the picture above. In the section that me and my friends, Allan, Alex, Jason and Andrew were sitting in we were surrounded by Jeremy Lin fans. At one point during the game I heard the girl behind me cheer "Yaaaay Jeremy Lin!" when he wasn't even on the court. Whenever he would score I would hear loud cheers throughout the arena. If you were there you would think you were in Houston watching a Rockets game instead of in Toronto watching a Raptors game.

Overall, Sunday's game proved that the Raptors have the potential to win more games they just need to be more consistent.

In addition to Sunday being James' mom's birthday it was also my friend Allan's birthday so I would just like to say happy birthday!


Catch ya later dinobloggers!

- Jerrica (@jeaarr)

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