At Least The Clippers Won't Score 90210 Points.

Perhaps the worst road trip since Sam Mitchell was fired in Denver years ago marches on the L.A. The Raptors have been staying in 90210 land prior to this one, but look about as out a place as the Clampett's  in Beverly Hills on a basketball court of late.

After what the Jazz did to them it has looked like this team has entered crisis mode. We had a team meeting, Bryan Colangelo out in the press calling the team's performance an embarrassment. While fans are going crazy as well, even a site has emerged to have Colangelo fired. Sam Mitchell knows how that feels as he had one dedicated to that in his time in Toronto.

It is a home coming for guys like DeMar DeRozan and Amir Johnson the trouble is to go back home means your facing the Clippers or the Lakers. Honestly at this stage the Clippers are the tougher team to face and that is who the Raptors will challenge this afternoon at Staples Center.

Toronto lost their only meeting with Clippers last year by 12 points. This was without Chris Paul which creates his own series of problems all on his own. Give the Clippers oppuntunistic defense and run the floor "LobCity" style of play this could get ugly.

Even if the Raptors dig in and give an effort that is more representative of their talent beating the Clippers will not be easy.

Clippers sit currently 4th in the Western Conference at 13-6 they are on a 5 game winning streak and have a 9-3 home record. The Raptors come in with just one win on the road all season at Indiana. In a game that they almost tried to lose by scoring just one field goal and 5 points in the fourth quarter.

They face an 8-12 Portland squad tomorrow night that is only 4-4 at the Rose Garden and just 3-7 in their last ten games. Normally you would suspect the Raptors would look to rest key players if this one got out of hand and live to fight another day. However given the state of things don't know if they can do that or should do that.

They seem to be sticking with the same starting line-up for now. Jonas after rumours he may head to the bench did not in the last game vs Utah and I would suspect will start today in L.A. No update beyond the X-Ray on his hand was negative for Ed Davis so it would appear he should be good to go. Kyle Lowry was also nicked up his right ankle but returned shortly after in the game vs Utah.

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That is all from me. I will leave with this thought, It seems like the Raptors should get destroyed in this one. This is usually when they play a good game. They need to in a serious way. Even if they do still think Clippers will win this basketball game.

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