Drama Everywhere As Raptors Host V.C

Where do you start with everything that has been going on in the last little while. Maybe with the fact that none of it really matters in the grand scheme of things till some action is taken.

So there was a board meeting that many thought could lead to someone getting fired. As it turns out that was far from the case as Micheal Grange laid out in this article on the Raptors future. Which is very good and you should give it a read.

Then we have Andrea Bargnani doing the old Jose Calderon trick where you tell the poor people that cover this team next to nothing than spill your guts to a reporter that speaks your language. This because the people that cover this team would never find that out right?

So here is what we didn't find out:

  • Andrea thinks this is the worst franchise in the league at the moment. 
  • That no one has faith in anyone else and it is hurting the team
  • That he expects to be out at least 3 weeks. 

I can only speak for myself as someone that covers this team. I would not want to know any of that information. Wait...No I think that I would. I even bet that other people that cover this team would as well. In fact as I heard Sid Seixerio point out on the Fan 590, I bet reporters I know would have had follow up questions to all of this news.

The main stream media and people that cover this team get a bad wrap from fans sometimes. No one that covers this team is in the mind reading business and we can only report on what players actually tell us. Ask questions based on those responses to the things we are told.

Jose Calderon pulled this same stunt with Toronto Media around the whole T.J Ford situation. He would claim to me Mr Team Player until he hit Spain that off-season and in his first interview back home with his upcoming free agency only than suggested he felt he deserved to the the starter.

On top of all of this someone who likes talking to media especially here and especially now is Vince Carter. So we get to hear his take on the Raptors woes of late. Not for nothing, but given the state of this franchise which is owned by the same company under a different structure mind you, can we now understand fully why Vince left town and wanted out.

Here is a whacky idea don't bring back Vince to play have him run this franchise if anyone understands it's issues it is him. It is a joke, but honestly he does have perhaps one of the better understandings of things with this franchise than any player that has come before or since. He was the one star this team had that transcended the market. Even he could not recruit too many stars to come help him here.

Oh and yes the 4-19 Raptors take on Vince's 11-11 Mavericks not that anyone really cares about that much at this point.

Here is what I tweeted and it would be truly bizarre should it happen. Vince Carter cheered and The Raptors booed at the ACC. It would be unthinkable right? Kind of like this season were going through would have been? Maybe it happens and maybe it doesn't. However one thing that is clearly true is Vince Carter a man to be known to have an Ego has to get a pretty big boost to it when he looks at the franchise he left behind. What would be even worse, is if he didn't and actually feels sorry for the franchise and team he once took to heights that looking back on them now seem remarkable compared to how they did at the time.

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