Raptors look to bounce back vs the Bugs

Raptors try and rebound taking on a franchise that is in full rebuilding mode in New Orleans. It was the once league owned Hornets that hit the jackpot in the NBA lottery landing Anthony Davis. He has only played in 15 of the Hornets 28 games far. He comes into tonight off a double-double performance with 12 points and 11 rebounds in a game against the Magic who the Raptors will face tomorrow. The Hornets won that game just their sixth win of the season.

The major thing about Davis his shot blocking presence. He is averaging 1.8 blocks per game so far but alters a lot of shots.

The hornets also have another rookie that some Raptor fans were dismayed that Raptors passed on for Terrence Ross. Maybe the Raptors got this one right though as Rivers is averaging just 7.7 points per game and under 3 assists per game. In his last 3 games just averaging an even 6 points a game. Compare this to Ross who has averaged 11 points per game despite only averaging 6.5 points per game on the season.

But here is major difference it is playing time. Ross has averaged just 17 minutes per game compare that to Rivers who is averaging over 10 minutes more per game checking in at 28.2 minutes per game.

Raptors have enjoyed heading to the New Orleans in the past with a 6-5 record in the city known for the Saints and partying. Compare that to the overall franchise record when the Hornets called Charlotte home is just 9-16 and one of those wins came in Oklahoma City before there was Thunder and it was the temporary home for the homeless Hornets after hurricane Katrina.

This will be an important bounce back game for both the Raptors as a whole and DeMar DeRozan as an individual. He lead they Raptors starting five with a meagre 8 points vs. San Antonio. The bench came to play and the starters didn’t.

Speaking of which how is that great bench play going to be impacted by the return of Kyle Lowry. He is expected to back-up Calderon making his return to the line-up. Can he lose the selfish tag and keep the Raptors second unit producing at a high level? Guess will find out.

Point Guard Controversy activate. It will be more of one if the Raptors lose more games than they win. After all winning cures all as they say. 

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