Two Struggling Franchises Hook-Up In Sac-Town

If you think the Raptors are a mess that might be nothing in comparison to the Kings. I started my morning reading this story comparing the Kings' Ownership situation to the movie "Major League" written by Aaron Bruski for Pro Basketball Talk on NBC Sports. It has been just a mess of the court for the Kings the last few seasons. If you believe this article not much is being done to improve it on the court as well. They enter tonight the worst team in the Western Conference with just 4 wins like the Raptors but two less losses at 4-12.

If the Raptors fail to get a win tonight the rest of this road trip seems bleak. I wrote something for the Bleacher Report on the Raptors struggles and who are some of the people to blame for all of this.Andrea Bargnani made that list of who is to blame. Here are some quotes from him to an international publication likely translated from Italian. But check out what Andrea Bargnani has to say about his own situation and the Raptors. Not exactly confidence building comments nor a guy that sounds like any kind of a leader.

As time marches on the pressure to do something with Bargnani will increase. Ryan Wolstat who has been a guest here many times suggests if you can't trade Bargnani you should send him to the bench in this article. I am not sure this will have an impact on Bargnani. If anything it just might spark his own desire to be traded rather than get any improved effort out of him. It would send a good message to the rest of this team.

Josh mentioned the Raptors horrible road record vs the Kings which I believe he said was 2-13. Raptors did not travel to Sacramento last season in the lockout shortened season. They lost the only match-up between the two in Toronto.

As for the actual basketball match-up this is one that offers some of the same challenges that Denver offered to a lesser extent. The one wild card is DeMarcus Cousins who has had his share of success over his career against Toronto. Last season he had a monster 21 point and 19 rebound performance.

Must win seems to apply to this game for the Raptors. It is a late one with 10 pm tip time locally.

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