This Week In Raptorland: Countdown To Controversy?

We are back for another week it is myself and TSN 1050 Raptors Beat Reporter Josh Lewenberg. Raptors are winning which is a good thing. However is there controversy around the corner? We talk about it as well as if this team can come back from depths they sunk to be what they were suppose to be? All this and we hear Reggie Evans thoughts from earlier in the week on Dwane Casey from his interview earlier in the week in the DNB. Also what you have yet to hear from DeMar DeRozan on playing without Andrea Bargnani for awhile and how it changes his role for this team.

So that is it for another week...Next week it is going to be close to Christmas so we might just get in the spirit and give away pounds of chicken wings. So join us next week as the Raptors close out their Pre-Christmas sked on Friday.

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