Starting 5: In The Locker Room With Reggie Evans

When I first got access to the Raptors to cover the team the first guy I interviewed was Reggie Evans. It was pretty scary to be honest. It quickly became obvious the Reggie on the court is nothing like the Reggie off the floor. In his time in Toronto he became one of the guys that I personally loved to talk with and despite his struggles was always willing to talk to you. He talks about his time here and his regrets that he couldn't do more. He still keeps a close on eye on his former club and keeps in touch with a lot of the guys on the Raptors roster. He has a lot of good things about coach Casey who he never played under in Toronto but did play for him when he was an assistant in Seattle. He also in Reggie's own way comments on the NBA's new rules as relates to flopping. It is basically Reggie Evans unplugged for about 9 minutes. He has a lot of love still for Toronto and all the people he touched in his time here.

As it turned out in the game Ed Davis stepped up and played well against his former teammate. He won the stats battle with 24 points and 12 rebounds but Reggie got that win he was looking for along with 9 points and 11 rebounds on the night. He was a guy that really embraced the fans in Toronto. It may always be a case of what might of been. Reggie seems to have found a new home in Brooklyn with the Nets where he seems to be happy and enjoying his role on the team. He is one of the guys I will always wish nothing but the best for regardless of the uniform he is wearing.

If you are unable to listen to the interview here head over to our Podcast host and you can download the interview there Via ITunes or directly. 

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