King James And CB4 Lead Teams In To Battle

Time For The Nation To Speak

Before I get to talking about tonight's game against the Cavs. I am calling on you folks to send me your mail. Think of it as a form of therapy. The Nation Speaks will be your chance to have your say and be part of the Dino Nation Blog. I will take your question and comments and offer my thoughts. I do not claim to have all the answers but I will give it my best shot. It is important to me for you folks to have a voice here at the Dino Nation Blog. So please help make this a success by sending in your emails. I want to hear from you. Depending on the response we will do this every Thursday or every second Thursday. Starting with this Thursday. Will see how it goes. I contribute to a lot of great forums out there. Raptors Forum, Real G.M, Raptors Fan App on Facebook, The Official Toronto Raptors Fan Club also on Facebook. I love all of these groups. I see lots of great points made in all of them. I also see some pretty crazy ones. So I am calling out for all of you to bring some of those ideas and questions to the Dino Nation Blog. In these tough times people always seem to have a lot to say so this is your chance. So get on your thinking caps and send your comments and questions in to me.

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King vs Court Jester?

I have went into great length at what a great season Chris Bosh has had to this point. However, the miss down the stretch of the last game, and a work load that saw him lead the league in minutes has taken a toll on Bosh. Despite the fact that Chris Bosh loves to make funny videos in his spare time he does not want to look like a court jester in comparison to King James. At this point James is the front runner for the award that Chris Bosh made no secret he desires to win.

There is of course all of that talk about the two players becoming team mates in 2010. But both will be focused on beating the other on this night. Bosh will have a huge task in front of him as the Cavs are undefeated on their home floor to this point. The Raptors actually started the pre-season in Cleveland and they were easy winners in a game that Lebron James did not play very much in at all. But this is the one that matters obviously.

This is the first of a back to back for the Raptors as they will return home to face the Indiana Pacers for the first time since the major trade between the two teams this past summer. T.J Ford and Rasho Nesterovic will be in town to take on their former team. If the Raptors do not get a win tonight they will be heading into that game on a 5 game losing streak.

If you are hoping for a win in Cleveland it will not be easy. The Raptors All-Time are 10-15 in the home of the rock and roll hall of fame. But in more recent times have lost 7 straight games which nicely ties into the fact that the Cavs have had that guy Lebron James for that run. Cleveland also took last year's season series 3-1.

B.C Hits The Airwaves

Bryan Colangelo gave very long answers but didn't really say a lot in his interview with the Fan 590. Colangelo basically echoed a lot of what he had said in the past on the issue of Sam Mitchell being fired. He did seem to suggest that Jay Triano is going to be given every chance to make himself a candidate to keep the job of head coach. He spoke about knowing about Triano before coming to Toronto through conversations with Steve Nash. He said Nash spoke extremely highly of Jay.

Bryan Colangelo on Prime Time Sports on Fan 590

Nathan Jawai's Former Team In Trouble

Things have not been going well for Nathan Jawai with his NBA career in Limbo. His heart troubles at the root of that. Bryan Colangelo when he joined in on the commentary in Utah said we may hear some news on Nathan soon. What that means in terms of time he did not say. But something else that will not do well for the big man's heart on a personal level. The Cairns Taipans the team he played for in Australia has some serious money problems and is in danger of folding. Aaron Fearne who has been a guest in this blog on a couple of occasions had taken a leave of absence from that team as an assistant coach. The news back home would directly impact on him. But it is obviously a personal issue for both. To read about it check out the story from down under.

Cairns Taipans Franchise In NBL In Trouble

Raptor Rewind tonight will recap all that went down. Just a note that I am off to Toronto tomorrow to host our contest winner and take in the Pacers and Raptors. So there will be no Raptor Rewind for that game. I will dash off a quick blog entry before I take off for Toronto with some thoughts on the return of T.J Ford to Toronto. So look for that tomorrow while I am going to be taking the Go Train down for the game. So that is it for now. See you all later tonight with you re-cap of the game from Cleveland.

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  1. Sure Lebron's numbers are better, and his team is doing much better, but who would you rather have your 10 year old kid looking up to? I loved Lebron's rebuttle when told Charles Barkley's comments about his actions "he's stupid". Sounded real intelligent.
    Maybe I'm just jealous that I'm not the most famous athlete in the world.....