Raptors Look To Continue To Rally On Boxing Day

Well it is time to get back to work for the Raptors and for me. But before I do that I just wanted to say I hope everyone had a very enjoyable Christmas. It was made a little easier to get in the holiday spirit with an impressive Raptor win to head into the break. The Clippers were a team missing some major players and played an awful game. But hey we will take it at this point. Some interesting news over the Christmas break. So let's get to it.

Carlos is Bringing Sexy Back To NBA?

Reports are coming out of New York that the Knicks are looking at signing Carlos Delfino to an offer sheet. The Toronto Raptors still have the right to match an offer that Delfino would get. It is just as it would work in the off-season. Delfino was a restricted free-agent and the Raptors continue to hold those rights should Delfino return to the NBA from Russia. The reason for Delfino making a return is because the team's in Russia are hurting for cash. Some teams have not been able to make payroll. Delfino is playing on a team with another Ex-Raptor Jorge Garbajosa. The Raptors hold no rights to Garbo as he was bought out of his contract. But in the case of Delfino the Raptors would have 10 days to match any offer that is tabled to Delfino. Carlos was a restricted free agent and that is why the Raptors would be able to match. Many feel that given the Raptors struggles that should the Knicks or anyone else make an offer the Raptors would match it. This could be another part of a trade puzzle for Bryan Colangelo. If he brought back Delfino he would be able to move a Joey Graham or Jamario Moon. Even could move Delfino in a sign and trade perhaps? Not sure on that one. But it would be another chip for Bryan Colangelo to have. This could be why he has not made a move to this point but there is no way to know until Bryan tells us and to this point he is not talking to us. But he is doing a lot of talking on the phones from what we are lead to believe.

Vince Is On Colangelo's Wish List?

There was a report based out of Oregon, that says Colangelo has 3 guys he has been targeting to trade for. Antwan Jamison of the Wizards, Gerald Wallace of the Bobcats and Vince Carter of the Nets. I am not sure how much stock you can put into this story. But it would not seem likely given the Nets surprising start that they would be looking to move Vince at this point. Not to mention Vince Carter is still public enemy #1 in Toronto for a lot of the Raptor fan base. Jamison who is Carter's Brother In-Law, if you did not know. He was originally drafted by the Raptors and traded for Carter. He is a different matter. I had conversations with him years ago at Carter's All Star Games. I know he likes the city of Toronto and it sure looks a lot better than his current situation with the Wizards right now. What is would take to bring him to the Raptors would be the question. It would also be a question of where he would fit in here once he did come? Most likely a very big man to play at the 3 spot? Anyway it is just talk. Gerald Wallace has been talked about for a long time as someone on the Raptor wish list.

There was also talk of a trade between the Knicks and Raptors that would include Marbury and Eddie Curry. But the Raptors have claimed that they have not talked to the Knicks since the draft. However with this Carlos Delfino situation that could be coming maybe that will spark talk between the two clubs. Being in the same division and both sitting with about the same records it seems more unlikely these two teams make a deal. Also when you factor in that these two teams have yet to meet and will play 4 times. Basically don't hold your breath on any Knicks Raptors deal unless it were to be about Delfino and a draft pick in a sign and trade.

So Bring On The Kings ?

For a start this game is on the main network over at TSN. Wow, gee thanks!!! But more on TSN 2 mess later. The Kings are an awful 7-22 and a team that once had one of best home court advantages in the league, is a less than impressive 5-9. The Knigs come into this game on a 4 game losing streak. About the only good thing about working for the Kings is you can get a free room at the Palms when you visit Las Vegas. Teams have been laying the smackdown on the poor Kings scoring almost 106 points per game against them.

Both teams record in the last 10 games is nothing to be proud of. The Raptors are just 3-7 but the Kings are worse at just 2-8. John Salmons who had once been a guy that was going to becoming to Toronto. He would back out at the last minute and head to Sacramento. He said that a higher power told him to do so. How has that been working out for you? Well personally at least this season pretty good. He is averaging 20 points a game. Some are even saying that Bryan Colangelo is looking at him as a guy he might still want to bring to Toronto. If there is any truth to that this will be his audition for him and Raptor fans to check him out. The only higher power that needs to be consulted for a trade in the NBA League office in New York City.

So we will get to see if the Raptors big win over the Clippers was able to be the spark to get this team heading back in the right direction. I had said if not for all the doom and gloom the Raptors should have a chance to save this road trip. The also play the Golden State Warriors who Jeff Van Gundy challenged anyone to name their starting line-up at this point. However before that a real test against the Portland Trailblazers will be tomorrow. The Raptors are racking up there frequent flyer miles for sure in this holiday season. What their record is when they come home to face the Nuggets on New Years Eve will be interesting and important. After that New Years Eve tilt followed by the Rockets and Magic as part of a 3 game homestand through 2008 to 2009. All 3 teams are among the top teams in the playoff race. Not easy tasks at all.

Your Christmas Rewind

I wasn't thrilled about there being 5 games on Christmas Day. Having said that there was some pretty good basketball games. A Laker win to snap the Celtics 19 game winning streak. Chris Paul and his steal streak are done. His Hornets got hammered by the Magic. Dwight Howard had a Christmas gift for NBA fans as he announced that Superman will return to defend his Slam Dunk Title in Arizona. The Spurs got a win on a buzzer beater from an unlikely source to beat the Suns speaking of Arizona. But for a complete wrap on Christmas Day you can check out Holly Mackenzie over on The Score's Court Surfing Blog.

Thank You Santa

Raptor Fans Have Had Enough And Are Not Going To Take It Anymore?

I always try to see what is going on with the Raptor Fan base. Well someone has decided enough is enough. They are putting together a protest over this whole TSN 2 mess. It is set to happen on Dec 30 th at the Rogers building in Toronto. I have reached out to this person and they are going to come by to do an interview prior to the event. But before that time you can check out some info on it from a event group on Facebook. You know if not for Facebook I would never get invited anywhere. People have a stag and doe, a birthday party or whatever it is on Facebook. But as for this Raptor Protest here is you link for that.

Rogers Protest on TSN 2 Affair

So that is it for this morning. A late night battle with the Kings and A Raptor Rewind to come after that. The break is over and it is back to work for me. I love it though and hope you had a great holiday and have come back to visit and read the Dino Nation Blog. Well if you are reading this I guess you have right. Anyway hope is not dead in Raptorland just yet. But it is a flickering flame that a strong breeze could blow out. Let's hope it keeps burning strong.

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  1. The Nuggets also have had talks with the Raptors, who want to shake things up. But earlier this month, when the Raptors offered Jason Kapono for J.R. Smith, the Nuggets quickly turned it down.