Nathan Jawai Is Cleared

The Dino Nation Blog is happy to report that Nathan Jawai has been cleared to return to full training. It may be a long road to get Nathan up to speed but it appears he is heading down the path to getting is NBA career started. This news has just been released and was reported on the Fan 590. But there was a release issue by the Raptors and as details become available I will update you as I know more.

But this is great news as I personally have got to know a lot about Nathan's background and have been deeply disappointed by his situation and his health issues not allowing him to play. Here is hoping he can move on to have a successful NBA career.

Press Release:

The Toronto Raptors announced Wednesday that forward-centre Nathan Jawai (JA-why) has been cleared to begin physical activity. Jawai has been sidelined since training camp.

Jawai, 22, had been held out for precautionary reasons after an abnormality was detected during normal procedural pre-season cardiac screening.

The club acquired the draft rights to Jawai from the Indiana Pacers on July 9. He was the 41st overall selection in the 2008 NBA Draft. He is the first indigenous player from Australia to be drafted by an NBA team.


  1. Great news about Jawai.

    Missing training camp and early season games will be a big setback for his rookie season though. All this time off the court, not sure what to expect from this season.

  2. I agree he was a raw talent to begin with and it will take a great deal of work for him to catch up. Triano in his pre game remarks guessed that it may take as long as month before he is ready to see minutes.

  3. I feel like we've been down this road with project centers. Where's Sharone Wright? Does anybody know?


  4. Ha ha! 'Sharone the Bone'!

    Nothing against Jawai, but people have been talking about him like he'd come in and save the season, if he could only play. Not sure how 41st pick in his rookie year could do that. Maybe he could hire Oakley as his personal trainer...

  5. It is not that I think Jawai can save our season. However he could have helped in a massive need for this team in rebounding and on the offensive end most of all. He was showing signs in summer league of having a good skill set to be a sold banger on the glass