Matt Devlin From California In The Starting 5

As I had mentioned this morning I was going to be talking with Matt Devlin. I was able to catch up with him and here is the audio portion of our interview which we call here at Dino Nation Blog " The Starting 5 ". It never has been 5 minutes in it's history but it is always worth going into extra time for our guests. Matt talks about the Raptors long road trip. Some thoughts on the Warriors and Bryan Colangelo and if the Raptors are going to make a deal and when. Matt also offers a cool story at the end that I never knew about which was pretty cool.

Part two of the interview will be tomorrow and that will be in the written word form. So make sure to come back and check that out as we talk about J.O, Chris Bosh, Jay Triano and Jose Calderon.Tonight it will be Raptors Rewind of the game Matt will be calling on TSN with Jack Armstrong.


  1. I missed the tidbit that Matt gave at the end James. The baseball related one that Matt gave. What did he say again?

  2. I was just making a joke about the fact he as an announcer can not be traded and he said that it was not true that a baseball announcer had been included in a trade in the past. I forget the name of the announcer but go back and listen I am sure it is there.

  3. haha .... thats awesome .... most right now at RF are asking for Chuck back, so my guess is that some fans would like to make a Chuck for Matt swap. Personally I think we'd be getting the raw end of the deal. ;)

    Great interview man.

  4. Thanks and yeah I think Matt is great I have lost count of how many interviews we have done he is always willing to make time and is a great person I would never trade any of my guests Matt included.

  5. awesome clip! many thanks.

    one suggestion, though? perhaps you could even out the levels?? your levels are much higher than mat's, so it hurts a bit.

    could just be me. in any case, nice job getting the interview!

  6. Well this is not high end technology being used. Matt was on a cell as well but we do the best we can.