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I just thought I would do something that I rarely do. Shut up and read what everyone else is saying. Well not exactly but I have been running around and do not have a lot to say beyond my recap of last night's game for now. There is some good news. My Score B-Ball running mate is off the IR. For those who do not know Scott Carefoot has been in rough shape lately. But he was well enough to check in over at Raptor Blog. Maybe he has been watching a lot of movies cause he is talking Pulp Fiction and the Raptors. Scott always can take things that I would never put together with the Raptors and turn it into something interesting.

RaptorBlog- Pulp Fiction Raptors Remix

Scott introduced me to this next person on my recommended reading list. Well technically she introduced herself because Scott was running late. She is going to become a regular guest here at the Dino Nation Blog as well if she would stop working long enough to have time to do an interview. She talks about watching a whole lot of work fall into a puddle. Some stuff on the Raptors and a few other things. She is doing it all from back home in Nova Scotia. Holly writes for both Slam and The Score on Court Surfing. I love her work and she is one of the most positive uplifting writers I read on a regular basis. Girls can know basketball and Holly is living proof. So till she visits us hear check her out over on Court Surfing. When she does visit here we are going to take a look around at the rest of the NBA. Holly has had access at the ACC this year and talked to a ton of the guys from around the league that have visited the ACC.

Notes and Quotes From Nova Scotia

Over on Court Surfing Scott and Holly and a couple of the other Court Surfing crew members come up with an NCAA style ranking system for the NBA Teams. It is the " Sweet Sixteen " NBA style. The Number 1 and 2 teams held there rank from week 3 to week 4. The new number 3 team is a team I told you would be good this year and they are. They just are not getting the love that Cleveland, Celtics and Lakers have. But they are Super or they at least have a Super man.

Court Surfing NBA Sweet 16

The Score is like my new family and I am getting to know them bit by bit. The Dino Nation Blog had it's own little family of guests prior to that. Two of the members of that family are Eric Smith and Paul Jones. They both have blogs that you can find in find in the Dino Directory. This is the latest edition of the Vlog that are part of " The Rap " which is Eric's blog. This edition #14 was taped prior to the Raptors big win vs the Clippers. From a back alley in Beverly Hills. Jones and Smith will not get mistaken for cast members of 90210 but they do have fun as they bounce around the NBA. This is a good example of that. I am head of the Vlog fan club. I am such a fan I may be bringing the Vlog concept to the Dino Nation Blog and see if I can keep up with the guys. Not likely cause they are doing some quality stuff.

Smith and Jones Vlog 14

So that is a wrap with some good stuff from a bunch of people the Dino Blogger is high on. They I all hope respect me as much as I do them. Happy Holidays and drive safe out there. I'll be back tomorrow for Christmas Eve.

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