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It has been a really exciting year here at the Dino Nation Blog. I am happy to have been able to be invited into so many folks lives through my blog. It is really something I am grateful for. This has been a tough season basketball wise for the Raptors. However win or lose the fact you come and read this blog is great. I also want to thank all of the guests we have had through out this year. To you and them a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season for you all.

Today's blog will not be that long. I am just trying to take it easy and enjoy the holidays a bit. I am sure many of you are doing the same. But a couple things I wanted to say basketball wise today.

Christmas Day Tradition Is Getting Wrecked

The NBA for many years had had the tradition of having games on Christmas Day. In the past it would mark the start of there national broadcast schedule. But in this modern world of Cable T.V and NBA League Pass it just doesn't mean the same. Also you just use to have the games on that major network. In the Past it was NBC and in recent years it has been ABC. Now this Christmas there is a Game on ESPN and Two on ABC and Two on TNT. That is 5 games instead of the tradition one or two we use to have. I know I am a bit older but I just think that is what made it special. Now with 5 games it really takes away from that. Still the marquee match will be the Finals rematch between the Celtics and Lakers. That is the game that everyone has been waiting for all year. Adding 4 other games is just over kill to me and it takes away from the special nature of playing a game on Christmas Day.

The Raptors only once have played on Christmas Day and it was a game against the Knicks in NYC. The Raptors were beat badly and it was not a great Christmas memory for Raptor Fans. So I would suggest to David Stern that less is more and it will make the Christmas tradition mean more for folks. I am sure David Stern knows what he is doing. But I can't help but think this is not a good thing having basketball games going from noon til past midnight. Maybe I am wrong but I just feel this way.

But the one game I will be watching is Lakers and Celtics. I am also going to try and visit Holly Mackenzie who I mentioned yesterday. She is live blogging this game for The Score. She volunteered to work on Christmas that is how much she loves her basketball.

Celtics vs Lakers-Live Blog

My Christmas Letter To Santa For The Raptors Fans

Dear Santa:

I know that not all Raptor Fans make the good list by some of the things they say and do. They are just frustrated Santa and they honestly want what is best for the team. They feel like this season has been a lump of coal given to them early. They are good people though Santa. They may have sent you letters asking for a trade or wins. I am not sure if you can do much about that. But maybe you could slip some good suggestions to Bryan Colangelo in his stocking.

I am confident that seeing as the Raptors are the closest team to the North Pole that you are a fan too. Maybe you even read my blog? I may not have been good this year as far as Joey Graham and Jose Calderon were concerned. I will try to be nicer Santa. But I can not lie to my readers right?

I know you are a busy guy so I will keep this short. Please Santa any help you can give the Raptors would be great. I also ask that you be good to my readers. They have been very kind and supportive of me for the most part. They all have been good or tried to be. So please let them all have a great Christmas.

That is about all till next year Santa. If you could get CB4 to re-sign in the summer that would be great. I know Santa you can't make miracles happen but it never hurts to ask. I will do my best to be good all next year. That is all you can do right? My best to you wife and all the little guys in the workshop. I hope you are giving a lot of basketballs and hoops to kids here in Canada. I want to see those kids grow up and become NBA stars someday. Maybe even a Canadian Raptor some day.

Your Friend

The Dino Blogger

P.S - I almost forgot Santa. TSN2 for all please. We want to watch our Raptors. Hopefully you don't have Rogers Cable at the North Pole.

Just having a little fun and being a kid. May all of you still have some of that child in you. This time of year is all about that for all the kids big and small. Hope Santa and your families are good to you and have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS.

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