Clippers Then Christmas

The Toronto Raptors hold the all-time lead in this series 14-11. In L.A the Raptors are 6-6 all time. A little hope for you to stay up late and watch the Raptors. That is if you have TSN2. If you read the Dino Nation Blog earlier yesterday I was mistaken saying it was on TSN and not TSN2. I had heard a promo on TSN saying it was on the main network. Maybe it was wishful thinking but I though I heard that. However I had forget about Monday Night Football. So if you tune in to TSN you will see the Packer and Bears and not the Raptors and Clippers. For those of you keeping count that is 6 games down on TSN 2 and 19 to go. This would not be important if a deal was done with cable companies the most of note Rogers. There is the costly option of seeing if your cable company has NBA League Pass. That would get you pretty much every NBA game that is broadcast. You could also tune in via your computer. It will cost you close to 30 bucks a month for that if prices are the same in your area as it is mine. I half joking said you should get the league pass and send the bill to Rogers, TSN and the Raptors and tell them you want them to pay. I mean why not. Maybe that would get them to take this seriously? Chances are it wouldn't. It really makes me sick that people like us who are basketball fans are being disrespected like this. Maybe my letter needs to go to Barak Obama he loves basketball maybe he could help. Come to think of it he has enough problems to solve. David Stern anyone please someone take this seriously. I even saw one post from a fellow fan saying to bad quit whining about it. Hey when it is happening to you say the same thing. People that have been left in the dark by TSN, Rogers and the Raptors are the victims in this crime against basketball.

Bosh Bashing Becoming New Thing To Do?

Keeping in this theme of stuff that is not so great. Seems a lot of fans have turned their back on Chris Bosh. Maybe a lot is an over statement but it is a lot. They have got fired up about Bosh and his play and comments of late. However I will continue to support this guy until I think he is not trying and doing all he can to win basketball games. I do not think that has changed as far as Bosh goes. The effort I feel will always be there from him. It is the results that might not always be. It is easy to see why Bosh has becoming the target of the frustration and anger of fans. That is the bad side of being the face of a franchise, as everyone will look to you as the reason for all that is good and bad. Chris only needs to walk across the locker room and talk to Jermaine O'Neal about how that works. O'Neal became the target of fans angry for a Pacers team that had fallen apart after the famous Malice at The Palace. Players getting in off court troubles in which O'Neal was not even a part of would fall at his front door.

People soon forget all the good you have done when times get bad. A lot of those people that booed Bosh were likely the same who chanted M.V.P for him earlier in the year. Some sports fan are basically hypocritical and do not think rationally. Paul Johnson actually did make a point that for a lot of fans they only get the chance to go to one game a year or a couple. They in some cases pay a lot of money for that right. They want to see the best effort for that money and when they don't feel they have got it they get angry. I understand that. I think in my time I have maybe taken in only like dozen games over the history of this franchise. Some were memorable and others not so much. It is just the way it goes. There is always a risk when you buy a ticket to a sporting event. You favourite player may not play, the team may lose, It could be a blowout and a number of other factors that are beyond anybodies individual control. But at the end of the day Chris Bosh has given fans far more good days at the ACC than he has bad. Talks of trading Bosh and picking apart his game is not going to fix anything. He has been a stand up young man and I am proud to say I am a fan of him even in these tough times. I still believe in CB4 and will not give up on him as fast as some of the people out there. Long time readers should not be shocked by this. I still support T.J Ford and did through all of his troubles last year. The Dino Blogger is a loyal person in life and as a sports fan.

So Can We Win?

The Clippers are in rough shape as well. They have had unwanted injuries that have been part of their struggles. Chris Kaman has been hobbled most of the year by plantar fasciittis on his left foot. Marcus Camby has had health issues as well. Ricky Davis has a sore left knee. Mike Taylor has a fractured right thumb. But the Clippers did add some bulk with getting Zach Randolph in a deal with the Knicks. They have brought in Baron Davis and the for mentioned Marcus Camby. They have young Al Thornton as well. So they do have talent.

But I am going to be bold and brave. I will say it Raptors will beat the Clippers. I have no reason or logic to share on why I am doing this. Maybe I just want to enter into a game with some hope. Maybe after the Christmas break who will even remember that I made this bold and brash prediction. We can beat the Clippers. YES WE CAN!!!

But to be fair, I am also aware that with the holidays the Raptors could just as easily have mentally checked out already for the holiday. It will be one or the other. I expect a great Raptor effort or a total blow-up. I do not think there will be any in between. But the fans of this team need and are desperate of something to be positive about.

Over The Break For Dino Nation Blog

The Dino Nation Blog will still keep going through the break. It might be a bit shorter and at different times of the day. But I will keep working through the holiday. So check back in between your family gatherings or Christmas parties. In fact if you are at a party and basketball comes up mention this blog. That is the best Christmas gift I can ask from my readers. Be safe and take care over this holiday time. Just in case some people are going to check out for a few days over the holiday I want to which you all the best in the Holiday Season. I will likely do some kind of a Christmas blog. But in case you were going to be away I did not want to miss anyone. Remember Raptors are back at it out on the road on boxing day against the Kings.

Let's Hope We See This Happen:

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