So Long 2008 ...2009 Has To Be Better!!!

Well It has not been a kind 2008 to Raptor Fans when all is said and done. A loss to the Magic in the Playoffs that was 5 games but it almost felt like we got swept. A big trade and big expectations that have not exactly materialized. Sam Mitchell gets fired only to see the team sink deeper below .500. Raptor fans are questioning Bosh's loyalty and he is questioning their loyalty as well. At least the ones that booed him. Bryan Colangelo has went from genius/saviour to fans to now an average mortal G.M that has every choice he every made questioned. In short it has not been a fun year in Raptorland beyond the odd chuckle at a Bosh YouTube video.

So Here Is My Top 10 Least Favorite Things From 2008

10. Will Solomon/Roko Ukic Signings- I am a T.J Ford fan I have never made that a secret. But I was o.k with the choice the Raptors made to go with Jose. But I had thought it would mean the signing of an experienced back-up point guard to replace T.J. Instead we got a combo guard that played in Europe and had little NBA run. Along with that a rookie that as good as he may become was not ready to play a meaningful role as a back-up right at the start of his NBA Career

9. Joey Graham- I mean will it ever end. Time after time we are sucked into thinking maybe this will be the year for Joey Graham. Well another year and another flash of hope from Joey and the same old Bad Joey keeps coming back. When Joey Graham in 2009 is not re-signed by the Raptors that will make my favourite things of 2009.

8. Nathan Jawai's Heart Trouble- I know I was in a very small minority but I really thought and still do think Nathan Jawai can have a big impact on the Raptors. But a health issue with the big man's heart would sideline him for the entire 2008 part of the schedule. I am hopefully Nate get himself on the floor in 2009. I think everyone will be surprised at how good he can become.

7. Sam Mitchell Era Ends- I had always liked Sam and to see his career in Toronto come to a very fast and ugly end with that game in Denver was truly disappointing. I miss his humour and presence that I had grown use to on a daily basis. Despite wanting what is best for Jay Triano and the Raptors, I still will always enjoy Sam Mitchell and what he did for the organization. He just didn't seem like the old Sam anymore and it may have been the building pressure leading up to his firing. But being the classy person that Sam is we will never know for sure.

6. Hassan Adams Signing- Why?...Nothing else is required.

5. T.J Ford Getting Traded- Yes I support the trade and I understand the reasons why T.J was moved. But he was my favourite player on the Raptors and it was a sad day for me personally. So in honour of that he gets the #5 spot on the list for his new number with the Pacers.

4. Game 1 and 5 In Orlando- These were the most painful games to watch in a series that did not show much from the Toronto Raptors. Beyond a Game 3 last performance for the ages from Forderon it was a train wreck of a series. It would be the lead to all the changes that have not been successful to this point.

3. Andrea Bargnani- I like most are frustrated and wonder if it is time to accept that Andrea Bargnani is just not going to work in Toronto. He is talented but lacks confidence and it never seems to change. I am just wondering if he can ever turn out to have the type of career people want from him here in Toronto. I am thinking he can't.

2. TSN 2 Nonsense- I am still surprised that we are talking about this at this point. If someone had told me that this issue would not have been solved heading into 2009, I would have told them they were crazy but here we sit. I am not interested in who is to blame or even why at this point. I just think it is insulting to fans of the Raptors and basketball. Hopefully we are not still talking about this at the end of 2009. I know that seems nuts to say. But hey it seems nuts that we are still talking about it now.

1. Vince Carter Sticks It To Us Again- The loss to the Nets at the A.C.C may be looked back on as the turning point that sent this season off track. People wonder why Raptor fans still boo Vince and hate him still. It is these moments that won't let the anger and pain go away.

That is my list but I am sure people have many others and feel free to leave your list of best or worst moments in the comments.

Not Exactly The Million Man March

Well it was a small little protest at Rogers when all was said and done. Apparently fans may be angry about TSN 2 mess but not so angry that many would venture out into the cold streets of Toronto. But I still respect the effort that Andrew Ebanks was making. I interviewed him and made folks aware of what he was doing and I feel good about that. Hey it did not go without any attention. Andrew actually was featured in an article in the Globe and Mail. I was contacted by Bill Houston who writes for them and helped him get in touch with Andrew. The Dino Nation Blog got a small mention in the article which was nice. I think with all things Raptors apathy is settling in over the Raptors. That is not a good thing for the folks at MLSE and this TSN 2 matter as I have said is not going to help in reversing that apathy. Here is the article on Andrew and I admire his conviction to his cause.

Globe And Mail -Bill Houston Article

At Least You Won't Remember Tonight's Game?

I could do a preview and give you a bunch of stats for this game tonight at the ACC but basically it really doesn't matter. If the Raptors don't remember the beating they took in Denver the fact Jay Triano is the coach should serve as a reminder. If they can not get fired up for this game really we are in more trouble than we know. It will not be any easier to beat the Rockets or Magic. J.O left the last game after bumping knees with a Warrior and having the flu. So I am guessing he will be back tonight unless that knee bump was much more serious. Everything points to a Raptor loss if you ask me. But I have learned in watching this team over the years that when everyone thinks they will lose that is when they come up with a surprising effort. But hey if it doesn't happen it is New Year's Eve so if you are planing on going out and partying you likely won't remember anyway.

Have fun and be safe...I want all of my readers back in 2009.....So Happy New Year to all of you and the best of everything for you and the people you care about.


  1. I think we were like 20 games below .500 this year.

    Jamario Moon's jumpshot is my least favourite thing about 2008.

  2. happy new year...!!!
    visit me please...thank you...


  3. i wonder if we can trade adams?
    Moons constant 3 point shooting and most of em dont go in affects are team raelly bad.
    Will,Bargnani and now Jose being non cocious wid da passes causing tunrovers
    Hassan Adams? TRADE HIM for a second rounder if thats even possible
    Bosh acutually isnt that bad on the three for a big man i know he was 0-3 against denver but if he worked on his shooting a lil he can actuallly be good at draining em
    Jose gotta be more quicker
    Send Roko to da league to expose him to more time and ummmm development
    Kris Hump gotta be more active
    I wanna go after Jamaal Crowford and Tyroon Lue :(
    We need an upgrade on the SG parker isnt bad but we could use someone better then him.
    Kapono has gotta get out of his lil slump

  4. Best thing we can do, if possible, is unload everyone except Bosh, Jose and Bargnani. We are going to be bad either way, meaning, we should give Bargs 35-40 mins a night and let him hoist 15 shots. Our management of Bargnani has been worse than the pick itself.