Sam Mitchell Has Been Fired...Jay Triano Is To Replace Him.

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Eric Smith of the Fan 590 is reporting that Sam Mitchell has been fired and is said to be replaced by Jay Triano. This will make Triano the first ever Canadian head coach in the history of the NBA. More news to come but Sam Mitchell has been let go and it is been reported on the Fan 590.

Eric Smith The Rap

Sam Mitchell was longest serving coach in Raptors History and is the Leader in all time wins for the franchise. A Press Conference with Bryan Colangelo and Jay Triano sometime later tonight. As more becomes known I will update you here on Dino Nation Blog.

Raptors Press Release

Raps TV is on the air(NOW) with coverage and I would expect the will be covering this press conference?

Watch Presser Online on NBA Broadband
Or you can catch it on Raps T.V ...Starting Soon?

There is going to be a conference call and not a presser and it is now being covered on both Raptors.com and Raps T.V.

Conference Call has begun- Bryan Colangelo

-Colangelo said it was a hard choice to make.

-He felt being it at 8-9 that is was time to make a chance.

-He felt the limiting of moves was not the an issue in this choice. He did not feel that they were getting the full amount out of this roster.

- There was talk of both last year and this year about the teams under performance.

- Triano will have job on Interim basis but does not expect to make a change for the rest of the season.

- Triano will given a chance to earn consideration for the job.

- Has a lot of respect for Jay Triano over the last 3 years. He thinks he is well respected through out basketball circles.

- Several big names in basketball think highly of Jay

- Jay will have control of the team and it is up to him to make personal choices for the line-up

- He needs time to put his stamp on the team

- All of the other assistant coaches will remain minus Sam Mitchell

- Jay gets along with rest of staff and thinks it would help to keep it together.

- Colangelo pointed to the game vs Boston and the loss to New Jersey, He said it was a number of things that impacted on it.

- He gave Sam credit for his success here and the way he took the news.

- This was not all about Sam failing as a coach, everyone has to take a share of the blame for being 8-9

- At the end of the day every team has injuries

- Jermaine O'Neal and his shape could have been better.

- Got of to great start and things went bad from there

- Did not have a problem with Sam's strategy as a coach. By resigning him Sam was Bryan's choice in his mind

- He said he never said that he planned on playing in the same way his old Suns teams did.

- Sam is a very smart basketball guy. He is sure Sam will have success elsewhere

- He never told same a style to play. He did say he made suggestions in regards to players and playing time.

- They are not a team without flaws in it's roster. We are still looking to improve the team

- I went on record saying it was the most talented roster we had since I had come here. I have not lost faith in the Roster

- There are no more excuses.

- I felt fine with him returning to coach the team this season based on our exit interview moving forward after last season

- There is a lot of interest in the roster from other teams. Trades are out there to be made it it just a case of if they are the right moves for this team.

- He has had offers that would go over the cap and deals that would add to the cap room.

- There comes a time when the best thing to do was to make a change to this team to give it a shock.

- A lack of belief in the defensive scheme was just a one thing of many that made it come to this choice being made today.

Jay Triano Conference Call

- He says he has different options to try on defense but for short term it will be tweaks

- The roster is what it is. we have seen what we have and with guys like Calderon, Bosh and O'Neal. We will look to work the ball inside

- To Run the first thing is to get stops. Running is a mindset that we have to put into these guys

- Jack Donahue was a big influence on him as a coach. Along with other coaches I have worked with in the NBA. I learned a lot from Sam.

- He has not thought about the history of it.

- He talked with Sam this morning. It was a great conversation and he said he was at piece with it. He was hopeful that one of the assistants who be given the job.

- He talked with the players and just had talked about who he was as person and did not get into offense or defense

- He has talked about playing a bit more of an uptempo game and that could reduce Chris Bosh's minutes a bit

- My experience as coach of both Team Canada and College. 6 years as broadcaster in Vancouver and then 6 years as an assistant with the Raptors.

- He did not want to get a job in this way. He doesn't know if you are ever prepared. I am confident and excited about the chance.

More thoughts on all of this later tonight in Dino Nation Blog.


  1. i'm indifferent on this one.... i always wanted this team to do well under Sam because I liked Sam.. for whatever reason I was always defending him, but I think it probably was time for a change.

  2. Great Job on this coverage James. You are the man.

  3. I do what I can. I am tired as heck. I will have some thoughts later.

  4. Still cant believe it!!I prsonally liked Mitchell, But there was need of a change!Jay Triano will surprise some people!He has basketball savy!!

    Dan Auger.