Raps Look To Take Advantage

The Toronto Raptors could catch some breaks in the next two games. The key is can they even take advantage of this at this point? Those breaks? Well let's start with tonight. Carmelo Anthony may not be in the line-up for the Nuggets. Here is what Carmelo had to say about his injured elbow.

Carmelo Anthony-
"I couldn't even dribble the basketball," he said. "I tried to lift my son up after the game and I couldn't even do that."-NBA.Com

So could he be recovered enough to play a game just 2 days later? If you are a Raptor Fan you hope not. Meanwhile the Raptors have their own injured star they wait for to return. Could Jermaine O'Neal be ready for tonight in Denver? I have no information on if he will be or not. But to start a return in the high altitude of Denver? That would seem like a bit of a challenge for a guy that has not been on the floor for a little bit. The more likely return date for O'Neal seems to be in Utah on Friday. There is more chances for Raptors to catch some breaks. Both Carlos Boozer and Andre Kirilenko are having injury issues for them.

But the one thing that both teams will have is two great point guards in Chancey Billups and Deron Williams. Billups has brought change to Colorado. He played his college ball at University of Colorado and had been with the Nuggets in his NBA career. But now as a veteran and one of the top point guards in the game he has had a huge impact on Denver. The Nuggets are 8-2 in their last 10 games under Billups direction. They have been 6-2 overall on their home floor this season. In short it will be tough for Toronto, with or without J.O, and if or if not Carmelo Anthony plays regardless.

Rogers Loses It's Leader

Ted Rogers the head of the Rogers empire has passed away. Rogers was the owner of the Fan 590 and many other media companies under the Rogers empire. The Fan 590 is the radio broadcaster of the Raptors. But it is the cable company that has been the issue for Raptor fans. The lack of a deal between Rogers and TSN over TSN2 has been a sore point for Raptor Fans. It is unclear if this will have any impact on those issues. But regardless of that fact Rogers death or the death of anyone is sad event for many people. Rogers is also the owner of the Toronto Blue Jays. I offer my condolences to all of the people who have been impacted by this news. Many of the guests in this blog are employees of that company. Eric Smith, Paul Jones and Jack Armstrong all work for the Fan 590. But most of all to this man's family I offer my condolences to them. Despite what anyone thinks about the business dealings that have impacted the Raptors and the fans, it is not as important as life and death. Rogers was 75 years old. If you would like to read more on this there is a link below.

Article From Toronto Star On Rogers Death

Nets Are A Playoff Contender?

It really seems like the Nets are for real. Devin Harris is on fire for the Nets and Vince Carter has not had reason to be concerned about what was suppose to be a rebuilding process in Jersey. The Nets have had big wins as they like the Raptors have been on the west coast. The comeback win they had in Toronto has served as a spring board for the Nets. The Raptors will be watching the Nets with interest in both the short and long term. In the short term the Raptors will be facing the Nets twice before Santa comes to visit us. But also being in the Atlantic Division they will also be a rival for playoff position. It was though heading into this season that it would be the Sixers and Raptors in a battle for second place behind the Celtics. But now add the New Jersey Nets to that mix. They have shown at least early that they are a factor. Beyond Harris and Carter the play of rookie Brook Lopez who was expected to be drafted higher but fell to the Nets has been doing very well for them off the bench.

Blogger M.V.P and ROY Rankings

This is the 2nd edition of the Blogger rankings for M.V.P and R.O.Y. These rankings come from bloggers from around the NBA. My personal votes for M.V.P went to Lebron James and R.O.Y to O.J Mayo. To see the results of voting and some music to go along with each spot you can check out round 2 of our NBA Countdown of sorts. That is about as close as I will ever be to sounding like a V.J on Muchmusic.

Blogger Ranks For MVP and ROY- Round 2

Our Contest Deadline Is Almost Here

Contest for Tickets to see Return of T.J Ford with me the Dino Blogger is running out fast. You have till December 3rd midnight to tell me why you are the best Raptor Fan and Fan of Dino Nation Blog. Thanks to Raptorman.CA for providing the prize for this contest.

Send those entries to me at dinonationblog@sourcecable.net

I had made an mistake yesterday and it said .ca instead of .net. But it was corrected sorry for the mistake.

Personal Note

So that is it for now till tonight in Denver. On a personal note my mother will be having some minor eye surgery tomorrow so if there is some delays or issues over the next few days please understand that is why. But I will still be doing my work just might be a little out of the normal routine you have become use too. Thanks for understanding as I am sure you will. May have no impact at all but just wanted to leave a note in case it did.


Matt Devlin is reporting that both Carmelo Anthony and Jermaine O'Neal are expected to play tonight for their respective teams. Seems that despite my thoughts both are going to go. That is why I am a blogger and not a doctor I guess. This game is on The Score at 9pm with Matt and Leo calling the action. To check out the details please visit Matt Devlin Blog. linked for you below:

Devlin Says J.O and Melo Are Expected To Play Tonight

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