Mr.Jones From Memphis, Tennessee

It has been awhile since we have had the Radio Voice of your Toronto Raptors in the Dino Nation Blog. However had a chance to track down Paul today as he gets prepared for the Raptors and Grizzlies to get it on in Memphis Tennessee. Paul always is great to talk with and has been one of the guys that has been a guest here on a regular basis. So who better to help us preview the Raptors and Grizzlies. This game can be a (Bear) trap game for the Raps stuck in between the Cavs and Magic. Let's hope the Raptors can bring the same level of effort that they did against Cleveland. A.I status was up in the air. But Paul tweeted earlier today no A.I. God will be disappointed about that as he told A.I to go to Memphis. You can follow Paul on Twitter @Paul__Jones. A.I sat out in the Memphis opener in which they lost to Detroit. Rookie Hasheem Thabeet from UConn did not score a point in his NBA debut and had just 2 rebounds. That is not good news for Grizz fans and Demar DeRozan playing at the shooting guard spot had 5 boards in his debut for the Raptors. Speaking of Demar a very funny cartoon of him in Heels on Hardwood today. Go check it out for a good chuckle. Always good for a laugh and dropping some serious basketball knowledge on us is Paul Jones so away we go with Mr. Jones.

Great to talk with Paul as he mentioned we have been trying to get our schedules to fit together. I have seen Paul in person twice in between his visits on the Blog. He is always helpful in not just doing interviews here but in giving me some added knowledge which is always appreciated. It was great to talk Raptors ball with him and he will always be a welcomed guest here at the Dino Nation Blog, he is one of my favourites for sure. Paul is going to hitting the airwaves with Eric Smith an 8pm tip time from Memphis,Tennessee on the Fan 590.


  1. Thanks for the interview. I really enjoy the interviews you have with insiders like Paul Jones and Eric Smith etc.. Keep up the good work!

  2. The thanks in part is a 50/50 split with all of our guests. From T.J Ford to Paul Jones or a fellow Blogger it takes them to be willing to talk with me. I am happy to have had some element of success in being able to have the chance to interview so many folks. I am especially thankful to Paul, Jack, Eric, Matt and several others that have been regular guests on this blog. I like to think guests come back because I hold up my end of things and ask solid questions and still have some fun. One of my favourite moments was having Jack Armstrong break down the game of Barack Obama that was a classic Starting 5 moment. Please next time leave a name so I can thank you for your kind words.