Orlando Burning Down The House

Jay Triano in the inside look into training camp talks about this concept of a house and guarding it. Well that works well until people with grenade launcher come along, they can still blow-up your house. You can have the best security system money can buy. That won't help. Raptors perimeter defense was terrible as they gave up 51 points from behind the 3 point line. Chris Bosh was fantastic in the loss and has been for all 3 games. He had 35 points and 16 rebounds and has looked like a guy on a mission. The trouble is that mission may become to get out of Toronto if the Raptors do not start taking advantage of his performances. He shot 50% and got to the line 19 times. Still some will not be happy with him. Chris Bosh alone can not make the Raptors better on the defensive end and how often he responsible for guarding a 3 point shooter? We have all heard that there is all of these new faces and it is going to take time. However how much time to the Raptors realistically have? If the Raptors do not find ways to win fast the noise about Bosh and 2010 will get louder and louder. The Orlando Magic were playing without 3 of their main guys in Carter, Pietrus and Lewis. There was never going to be an easier chance to beat the Magic for the Raptors. Maybe that is why they did not play well in the first half. However whatever it was it made the climb back far to hard and the Raptors lost 125-116.

Andrea Bargnani was the symbol of that first half to the second half in terms of play and effort. He was terrible in the first half and unreal in the second. Having a few brutal turnovers in the first half and then later on nailing clutch 3 point shots in the 4th. I think Andrea talent wise has turned the corner and it is now up to him to bring that talent night in and night out. Including a more balanced effort. He had 26 points most in the second half and in total just 4 rebounds which is not good. Granted Bosh grabbing 16 rebounds will cut down on chances to get rebounds. Hedo Turkoglu in playing his former team also looked like a tale of two halves as well. He had 19 points and just 3 rebounds with a couple blocks and a steal. He played over 40 minutes which shows that at least Jay Triano is trusting him to be ready to play. He still seems to be finding his way and fitting into the mix.

It was not a great night for Calderon or Jack in any meaningful way. Jose had 10 points and 6 assists and Jack just 5 points and only 2 assists. A far cry from the nights that T.J Ford and Calderon produced as a tandem. Jameer Nelson turned the corner in his career at the hands of Calderon and Ford in the playoffs. He is Jose Calderon's daddy as Yankees are to Pedro. 30 points and 5-9 from 3 point range and 5 assists. He is to quick and just owns the match-up. The point guard play from both Jack and Calderon needs to be better. On both ends of the floor. Jack did make his first 3 pointer as a Raptor today but we need a lot more from J-Jack and Calderon.

In terms of Demar Derozan he scored 8 and had 3 boards in under 20 minutes. He like everyone else has to pick it up on the guarding the 3 point stripe. However if anyone gets a bit of a pass early on it should be Demar as he needs others to be doing the right things if he is suppose to know what his role is on D. He has had little flashes in games where he has let everyone know he is out there. In time hopefully those moments become more frequent. Heir Canada did not get to meet Air Canada today, but all in good time.

Speaking of Vince I wish he had been there to see something in this game. Chris Bosh and Dwight Howard are very close friends. But Bosh did not hug his buddy, he fouled him hard and even had a verbal exchange with him afterwords. Can't tell you how many time I watched Vince Carter laugh and chuckle his way through an NBA game here in Toronto and after. You can be buddies with guys and still bring it hard at them. So often you get comparisons between Bosh and Carter especially with all this 2010 talk. That little incident is an example in the difference between the two. I'll take the attitude of the guy wearing #4 over the guy not wearing 15(today) any day.

The Raptors showed everyone that may have doubts about them that they can be good in the game versus Cleveland. However in the games since they have shown all those full of optimism just what all of those doubters were and are concerned about. Detroit is up next and these are not you daddy's Pistons. This is one of the teams like the Raptors that could finish anywhere from 5th right on down to about 12th. The Raptors must step up and give a full 48 minutes and not be trying to come from behind after failing to answer the bell early. Yes it is very early in the season but given the high stakes the Raptors have this season they can not afford to give anything away to anyone. Could the Raps have won with the same effort in the 2nd half had they matched it in the first? We will never know but you have to think they would have had a good chance. When J.J Redick is scoring 27 and it is not a tape of him playing at Duke....there is a problem.

Raps need to solve the problem fast or their will be no house left to defend and the house that is the ACC will turn into an ugly place in a hurry. Raptor fans are great but are not going to be patient for much longer and they will demand more and deserve more. About the only thing they are getting that they deserve is a heck of a performance from Chris Bosh. Shame that a few do not appreciate that...but if things do not change they will when Bosh comes in as a visitor. The playoffs and making them is one thing but the Raptors have more on the line than that this season. A lot MORE!!


  1. Pitiful the way you need to go out of your way to criticize VC again and again, even five years later. I've seen Bosh laugh his way through many games too, even laughing it up on the bench in blowout losses vs. Cleveland and Lakers last season, yet you make him out to be some kind of "warrior".

    As for not battling their way through injuries, Bosh has never battled his way through injuries either. Remember when he missed 13 games at the end of 05-06 with a "sprained thumb", or when he missed a bunch of games in 07-08 with a "sore knee". Bosh himself says that he won't return from an injury until he's 100%, so why would you criticize Vince for not "battling through injuries". Playing injured is the most idiotic thing a player can do. Not only do they risk further injury, but they will be useless and will hurt their team's chances of winning. You can't play a sport like basketball less than 40 hours after spraining an ankle. And if you think you can you've never played sports.

  2. Maybe if Vince did not act like he had been shot by a gun each and every time he gets injured we could honestly have some sense on how injured he truly is. Playing through pain you act like that is some horrible thing. Go seek out Alvin Williams and tell him what an idiot he was. I have played sports and injured my ankle as well. Also played football with cracked rib and bruised rib.

    I will roll with Bosh in terms of character as a person EVERY TIME in comparison to Vince Carter. I'm not a Vince Carter hater at all. I just have seen the guy for what he is. The issue isn't if he played or didn't the issue is how he over dramatically he acts when he is injured. One of the funniest and most insulting things was when I believe it was Rasheed Wallace made that shoveling motion when Vince went down injured. That sums up for a lot of people think of his act.

  3. Any explanation as to why Vince wasn't on the bench? I saw a photo on thestar.com with Vince and Jay Triano, so I'm assuming he made the trip.

    I was at the game but arrived during the national anthem, so I didn't see if Brendan Malone was acknowledged. I am surprised that VC wasn't given any props, especially considering that it's the Raptors 15th season. Oh well.

  4. 1. We already know how injured he was. He said he could run forward fine, but had trouble with lateral movements. There are no more questions to be asked. Why play if you can't move laterally well? You would only hurt the team. Criticizing a guy for not playing 40 hours after an ankle sprain is just plain stupid. And don't say it's not whether he played or not, because that's not what your entry said.

    2. I know you "roll with Bosh". You care about subjective things like "character" rather than things like, you know, not losing playoff series when you have home court advantage.

    But how much "character" did Bosh show last season in the game against Boston when the Raptors were getting their butts kicked, and he refused to join them in the timeout, instead standing under the basket, staring at it, and flipping the ball up at it.

    How much character did he show when he called out Jamario Moon for taking a late 3 in a game last year? That's classless. You don't call a teammate out in public, you keep that private.

    How much character did he show last season when he whined about the fans booing them, saying that if he wanted to be booed he'd go on the road.

    3. You bring up Alvin Williams as an example of someone who played through pain, but Alvin missed even more games as a Raptors than Vince, WAY more games. Check out their stats. Alvin is the last person to hype up as someone who didn't miss games.

    4. My issue isn't just with this entry, but I've read past entries, and you go out of your way to say negative things about Vince, and never say anything positive about him. What about his Embassy of Hope Foundation, and the sanctuary he started? What about the several million he's donated to charity, the basketball courts he helped build, the charity games he put on when he was here. I guarantee you he has more class and character than you do.

    That's a hell of a lot more "character" than Bosh has ever showed.

    You should at least try to be an objective journalist. Just because The Score, TSN, and Sportsnet aren't, doesn't mean you can't be.

    Oh, and Mohawks went out of style in '83. Just a heads-up.

  5. If you are going to be try calling me out that is fine. Holds a little more weight when you actually put your name on it. The actions of Bosh you point out are all in my view acts of frustration because of having a desire to win. Something if you ask anyone that covered Vince in his time in Toronto would have some question on the amount he cared about winning.

    Alvin Williams missed a ton of games at the tale end of his career based on playing through injuries and was a warrior flat out.

    I have in the past mentioned what Vince did in terms of charity in the past so check your facts. To question my character as someone who looks after his disabled mother is just a joke.

    I have zero clue what the Mohawks comment is about. The Score is my partner here for the Dino Nation Blog and I think they do a great job at covering basketball and for the record they do not nor have ever had any influence over content here in the Dino Nation Blog. They allow me to have complete creative control over the Dino Nation Blog.

    I have met Vince and interviewed him in the past he is what he is and I am not saying he is a horrible person or basktball player. I just have always had issue with his approach and desire towards the game. I am not alone in that and in a city that has hated V.C for years I am far from the worst offender.

    In fact I think it is a shame that his number will likely never be retired for the Raptors and think he had a point in why he eventually left. The way he went about it has angered some people that they will never get past it and I am not one of those.

  6. "The way he went about it has angered some people that will never get past it and I am not one of those."

    Your blog entries say different.

    About your character, I'd also say that to question VC's character is a joke. Not only for all his charity work, but about how he has been too classy to respond to the Toronto fans/media who have bad-mouthed him for years. Hell, I've never seen him criticize anyone, ever.

    Not sure why you want me to put me name on it. You wouldn't know who I am anyways.

  7. It is obvious whoever you are that you are a true V.C fan, supporter or however you care to express it.

    Vince is and will always be one of the most controversial figures in the history of this team.

    You say he has taken the high road and been classy. I would venture to say it would not be difficult to have people say he basically has ducked the whole Toronto situation by saying he has move on and is done with it.

    The whole idea of putting you name on something is just something that if you truly have passion for it sign your name to it. It doesn't matter if people know you or they don't it is just a way to take ownership of what your saying.

    Vince's character as a person far exceeds his character as a basketball player. That is my opinion and I will not change it till I see evidence to change my mind.

    All that being said it was Vince's Charity event that allowed be to interview a number of NBA players over the years it went on and it was great experience for me. To which Vince is at the core of being responsible for. So that is something positive Vince did indirectly for me personally and it is an experience that will always be one that remains with me for life.

    So there is good and bad in everything with everyone. It is clear we disagree on this topic and that is fine. People will judge Vince how they see fit and not you or I am going to change the minds of people.

  8. Hurts to be dumped don't it dinobloger?

  9. good objective response by the blogger.. im a lifelong magic fan who like many has loved vince for his exploits early in his career, hated vince for his actions in leaving toronto and underachieving from his immense potential, and quietly appreciated him for the effort he actually DID show (for whatever reason) during his last season in Jersey when he clearly could have mailed it in on a team going nowhere.. i live in the jersey area and have seen my share of nets games and that 'desire' which you referenced earlier had been there when he could have just as easily mailed it in like earlier in his career... however he played like he really cared.. just as i was watching the game against jersey when he tore it up in the first quarter with a vintage performance.. he rolled an ankle and (as usual) went into the theatrics that come with a vc injury... frustrating indeed but i am still very optimistic about him fitting in, playing to his still considerable potential, and getting orlando a championship this season

  10. Some Raptor fans feel exactly like that having been dumped by the hottest girl they ever dated. As many folks know I picked the Magic to go to the NBA finals last season and the main reason or one of them that I did not pick them to return is Vince. I do not think him coming to Orlando will have the positive impact that many do. Although the Magic getting Ryan Anderson as well was a very nice move by Otis Smith and does at least in part make up for the lose of Courtney Lee who I think will be a good and solid NBA talent.