Finally CB4 Has Come Back To The Raptors

Well I was there to see the return of Chris Bosh live and in person. Hedo Turkoglu was a no go though as the Raptors amazingly have only fielded it's complete roster 1 time this season. Still that being said that was not an excuse for what we saw today. The Raptors just have trouble with athletic teams and despite the Sixers poor record they are athletic. This is why the Raptors playing the Hawks in the playoffs could be a bad draw for Toronto. On March 17th they will get a chance to change minds on that but today's game was another example of why that likely is a terrible match-up.

Before the game got going, I sat and watched Bosh warming up. He seemed to be doing O.K. Making more than missing. Bosh had 12 points and 12 rebounds in his return and played over 30 minutes. He did leave briefly from the Raptors bench. However he confirmed post game everything was o.k he just was getting a re-tape job on his injured ankle. Bosh as Triano said post game seemed to have his timing a bit off and I noticed at times he did seem a bit winded and took some time to get back on D on a couple of occasions. Still the Raptors have to be happy to have him back despite the result today.

Some of the same issues that were problems during Bosh's absence remained problems in his return. for example with defense or lack there of, in terms of the 3 point line. Sixers shot a stunning 75% from behind the arc. Thaddeus Young and rookie Jrue Holiday were both 3-4 behind the arc. Young had a career high 32 points and goes to the impressive list of stars that have their career high vs Toronto that includes the league's best 2 players Kobe and Lebron. Holiday had 21 as well for Sixers. Everyone in the starting 5 for Sixers reached double digits.

If there was a lone bright sport for the Raptors beyond the return of CB4, Marco Belinelli lives, as he led the bench with 11. Jarrett Jack had a strong game as well with 20 points and 9 assists and 4 steals. Raptors played fairly even with Sixers in both the 1st and 4th but lost this game in the middle. Sixers scored 65 of their 114 points in the middle quarters.

So the Raptors hit the road and have some things to work out. I wondered if trying to figure those things out on the road might be easier for the Raptors. Chris Bosh chimed in with his thoughts on that.

Bosh and the Raptors fly out to the west coast tonight with the sting of the 114-101 loss to Philly fresh in their minds. Although Bosh also said that as for today you have to forget it and move on. I agree in part with that. But don't forget the reasons why you lost. The Lakers are up next and just in case they might have taken the Raptors lightly. No problem Phil Jackson only needs to pop in the tap of the loss to the Raptors at the ACC. Oh and Ron Ron has hair looking like Dennis Rodman these days. If for no other reason that is reason to tune in Tuesday.

A win for the Raptors will be tough but a 2-2 trip is essential and a 3-1 trip is possible. However if the Raptors don't sure up their defensive problems quickly it could go very wrong and go 0-4. As Bosh said every game counts now. Also you have to figure every game counts towards the decision he has to make in the summer as well. No pressure at all...Just Win Raptors.

Or the next time Chris Bosh Finally comes back to Toronto it may not be as a Raptor next season. That honestly can not happen if this teams hopes to remain a competitive club.

An Unimportant Note:

Also my head made it into C.B.4's post game comments. This is the first time to my knowledge more then my pudgy hand has got on camera. I am 6ft tall and look like a smurf in comparison to CB4. So now there is video evidence of me being at the ACC. according to my Twitter account I was also spotted on the Go-Train heading home. Not that I am ever in Toronto a lot but if you do read the blog and recognize me feel free to come say hello. I am very friendly and do not bite.

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  1. I think from Bryan Colangelo's perspective re-signing Chris Bosh is a must in order to keep his own job secure.