Raptors Flirt With Epic Failure But Sweep Away Nets

I am going to be honest off the top of this one. Raptors won but I am not even happy about it. They were battling into the 3rd quarter to get a win over Nets. That is SO UNACCEPTABLE it is not even funny. Sure the Celtics lost to these Nets and twice the Bobcats lost to them. That being said I don't care. After yet another debacle vs the Thunder it took the Raptors 2 and half quarters to wake the heck up. The net result if you will excuse the pun is a Raptors 100-90 win. However nothing has been fixed in terms of what is wrong with this team. I have little doubt the Raptors may in fact beat the T-Wolves as well and get 2 wins in a row in the first time in forever. 2 straight road wins in even longer than that. It ultimately doesn't matter. When this team was going good I had said I remained unconvinced this team could win in the playoffs. I am now almost ultimately convinced they can not win in the playoffs. The goals for this season were not to sneak in the back door and make the playoffs.

Chris Bosh was sloppy with 6 turnovers he did get this thing going with 15 in the 3rd and 36 points overall. But if Chris is a leader by example. Which is what we are always told he is then he can't be so careless with the ball. 6 turnovers in the playoffs and you dead. Simple as that. Chris has had a lot to say of late and I applaud what he is saying. There is a real truth to it. That being said Chris also said once that he wanted to be part of the solution in Toronto. Well that means playing smart. If it is because of a lack of support no one would argue about that. However Bosh has always been a bit turnover prone.

Bosh wants a lot in terms of a max deal that he has earned. However if he gets that there is more I want from him as well. While some see Bosh's comments of late as signs he is out the door. That may in fact be true only Chris knows if it is or isn't. However I am cool with what is being said. In fact don't just say the team....say names call people out. Step up and lead this team by more than example. Remember that Chris Bosh that took a stripe out of Bargnani's butt back in Oakland in his rookie season. I want that Chris Bosh. The fired up pissed off doesn't care what you think I am going to win SOB CB4.

If Bosh does not want to be the Robin to a D-Wade or LBJ then be BATMAN. If Chris Bosh is a super hero at this point it is more like Spiderman. There was a very human element to Spidey he was imperfect human super hero. Peter Parker/Spiderman failed he never always was able to have it all. Chris Bosh/CB4 is not unlike that guy. He has to depend on others to help him get the basketball. He sometimes thinks he can fly and shoot 3's and make jumpers like M.J. He even has self doubt like Spiderman in terms of he sometimes will shy away from driving to the hoop. Yet despite all of his faults both Chris Bosh and Spidey have tons of loyal fans that love them anyway.

But this is one of those times you have to come in and be the hero. You have to motivate the folks behind you as well. The time has come for Chris Bosh to be vocal and let it all hang out. If this is the end or only the end of a chapter with the Raptors it doesn't matter. Do not let the Chris Bosh era become much like the Vince Carter one. Go out fighting and if you have to call out every single person in this locker room to get it done so be it.

If Chris is not willing to take that next step and become the vocal conscious of this team then he mise well go sign on to be D-Wade or Lebron's lackey. Be like Shaq and be a useless sidekick. I think there is more inside of Chris Bosh that he has in him. If that means going up to some guy from Turkey and saying that you know what you suck. So be it. I mean the guy gave his all when he was with Dwight Howard what Chris is not good enough for you?

Honestly what does Bosh really have to lose. If you are of the camp he is going regardless then who cares if he insults anyone or challenges anyone. I want that Bosh from Oakland....That Bosh will win or die trying. He will also expect and demand everyone else does the same.

In the end this was a ho hum win over one of the worst NBA team's in history. It is up to Chris Bosh to will this team forward. While making sure he is doing his part along the way. If this is going to be the end for CB4 or a new beginning I want to see it end or begin with some fire and passion.

Just to carry this whole Spiderman thing to the max. In one of the Spidey movies he decided to throw it all away and give up being Spiderman. He felt under appreciated and decided to give it up. Some feel that Bosh has done the same with the idea of being a Raptor. However in the movie Spiderman would eventually come back. Bosh may at times feel that he is under appreciated and given far to much of the blame. In the end Bosh has a special thing here in Toronto that he is not going to find anywhere else. I have always felt with no evidence to proof I am right or wrong, that Bosh is desperate to be given a reason to remain a Raptor and stay.

I think deep down just like Spiderman believed in the expression that to much is given much is expected. That applies to Bosh as well. But I think the CB4 Credo is that one about "I want to be part of the solution in Toronto". If Bosh leaves he will have failed in accomplishing that. I don't think that is something that will sit well with him.

Bosh sometimes can be an easy target for Raptor fans rage. He has made himself much more of a persona beyond just basketball now. If you are like me you likely feel you have watched this guy grow in front of your eyes. He is not perfect like Spiderman. However he tries hard to be your superhero and sometimes he succeeds and other times he fails. But there is always the effort to try. It seems pretty clear the Bosh is at some kind of crossroads here. Just like Damon,T-Mac and Vince and others have faced. While everyone in the past has took the fork in the road that leads out of town there is no guarantee Bosh does the same. However if this team doesn't make the playoffs there is no superhero that can save CB4 for Toronto. That being said there is still time to show some fight and save this thing. That will take Bosh doing what he said years ago. Being part of the solution but not just him, making everyone in that dressing room accountable in that dressing room to do the same.

Often so many folks talk about what Bosh isn't and not what he is. Still people love the guy despite sometimes not always being thrilled with him. I said when this season started it would always be about 1 thing and 1 thing only and like it or not CB4 and his future is what this season is about. If this does not work out there are no super heroes in that locker room to replace Bosh. Might be a few boy wonders and that is about all.

This season is about a lot more than what happens to Raptors this season. It is about the future of this franchise and it's chances of being competitive for at least the next 2 years if not more. If you are happy and content with backing into the playoffs in 8th...you shouldn't be. People get what they demand. Bosh needs to demand more from his team and himself and fans need to demand more from this organization. 15 years have been fun. But I don't think anyone will accept 15 more with the same kind of turnover and lack of true success. In the end Bosh and fans want the same thing. A Raptor team that can be a true contender.

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  1. I agree if Bosh is a max player then he has to bring more to the table then what he is right now. The Spiderman reference is dead on. It's like he knows what he has to do but he's reluctant to do it.