Raptors Royally Flushed

The Raptors came in off a solid but losing effort to the L.A Lakers. One of the questions I asked Paul Jones yesterday in the Starting 5 was how do the Raptors carry over that effort? Well early on in this game the Raptors answered the bell. Raptors started on a 7-2 run to open this game. The Kings would push back and make it a close affair in the 1st Quarter. Tyreke Evans made a move early on that showed you why many think he will be rookie of the year. It was a close hard fought first quarter that saw the Raptors lead 25-24.

The second quarter the Raptors were a bit better on defense in the quarter holding the Kings to just 16 points. The Raptors had a 45-40 lead heading into the half. This game had become even more important with both the Heat and Bobcats winning earlier in the night. The Raptors should have had all the motivation in the world to come out and continue to tighten the screws on the Kings and get a win on the second night of a back to back. In fact the mood on Twitter of the Raptors fan base was pretty good. Heck I even posted a video of The Rock singing a song where he rips on the city of Sacramento. Happy times.

Then something happened. I joked it was like what happened in the movie Space Jam where players lost their talent. The Raptors looked like they totally forget how to play the game. The Kings started on a 10-0 or was it 12-0 run. When the 3rd quarter was done so were the Raptors. Amazingly enough the Raptors gave up more points in this quarter than the entire first half. It was 43 points in all and the Raptors were dead in the water. Needless to say the mood of the fans on Twitter had changed. Many fans were left confused and searching for people to blame. There was lots of blame to go around. A lot of folks were focused on Jay Triano. As I joked on radio in Montreal after the game whatever Jay Triano said at halftime he should never say that again. The Raptors have had their share of terrible 3rd quarters this season but this was by far the worst.

I will spare everyone from talking about the 4th quarter. The only thing I will mention is that Tyreke Evans got his first career triple double with 19 points 10 rebounds and 10 assists. There was a fun moment early in the game where a group of Sacramento fan were screaming asking Bosh if he was coming to Sacramento in 2010. Bosh actually answered them by saying "Hell No". If the Raptors do not turn this thing around that could be the same answer Bryan Colangelo could get when he tries to re-sign Bosh. If the Raptors some how end up the team on the outside looking in for the playoffs it seems almost impossible to imagine that Bosh will return next season.

I have made it no secret that if that happens I think the Raptors outlook is bleak at best. The Raptors do not play again till Saturday. Jay Triano has some serious work to do. If this epic collapse were to continue you have to think Chris Bosh may not be the only one leaving. Triano may be told to leave and lose his job. It would be hard at the end of this season for someone to stand up and defend that he would deserve to be back if this team were to miss the playoffs.

I has always been convinced the Raptors would make the playoffs it was just a case of where they would fit in. However they sit in a 3 way tie for 6th or 8th depending on choose to look at it. The schedule looking ahead does not show many positive signs. If you are tired and grumpy this morning you are not alone. Nothing seems to sting more than a west coast loss. You stay up late and go to bed feeling upset it is not fun. Raptors have never had much success in Sacramento still only with 2 wins all-time there after last night. Oh, silly me I almost forgot the score. The Kings crowned the Raptors 113-90.


  1. I wouldn't worry too much about Bosh and Triano right now . The questions and red flags are already raised concerning Colangelo, Maurizio, Emery, and the scout. Colangelo will unlikely get this team past first round. This accomplishment has never succeeded. I think we should start looking at the top brass,they seem to by pass every situation fending off the posssible causes of failure. This should be a very interesting closing of the season.

  2. moe, I have been saying it all along, Colangelo doesn't seem to get his main moves right the first time. Let's say Bosh leaves this off-season, how does that mean Colangelo did a good job?

  3. If Bosh were to not re-sign I think even Bryan himself would admit that was a failure on his part. He stated part of what excited him about taking this job in the first place was the chance to build a team around a talent like Chris Bosh.