#MGDDNBVIP Contest # 2

Ok for contest number two we are going in a different direction. To explain here is J.B and Joey G from the Round Ball Review:

So you have till the end of the Raptors vs Knicks Game on Tuesday. Leave you entries in the comments or tweet them to us @Dinonationblog . Will announce the winner on Twitter and in our Re-cap of Raptors vs Knicks.


  1. *DEAD* xtranormal video is hilarious.

    Raptors and Bobcats, Bobcats and Raptors
    Neither with banners hanging from rafters
    Both hoping to win while hoping to lose
    Eyes set on an eyebrow with size fifteen shoes
    Alike in ways more than one, the Bobcats and Raptors
    This Valentine's Day, the only loss that matters

  2. On valentines day we give cards and flowers,
    but give us a win as we watch for a couple of hours.
    My hearts been with raptors all of the while,
    raptors in a couple years gonna reach that extra mile.
    I love raptors in red, raptors in black.
    Raptors is my favourite team, i'm glad the NBA is back.

    Matthew my twitter is @SeriousP_12

  3. You already know who I am. HoopPlusTheHarm.

  4. best i could do on a empty stomach before lunch.

    raptors are my favorite team
    They are not the best
    they dont have a shooter
    or have a inside game
    they dont play through pain
    or count to five

    one thing sticks out from the rest;
    The toronto fans
    They are my team;
    team called the Raptors
    we love this game

    @western221 on twitter

  5. Ok, these came out a bit on the crude/nonsensical side but here goes anyway:

    Entry #1

    Entry #2

  6. One more, for good measure:

    Entry #3

  7. Raptors wear red,
    Bobcats wear blue,
    This Friday they clash,
    Let's hope the Dinos get the W!