Dino Blogger's Letter To The Raptors

Dear MLSE, Bryan Colangelo, Raptors Staff , Raptor Players and Anyone Else This May Concern:

I am James Borbath known to some as the Dino Blogger. I have been a fan of the franchise since day one. I just wanted to write a letter here in my blog and maybe someone will tell you about it. If not it will at least make me feel better to express my feelings. Before I get to the team itself I want to talk about T.V.

Let's start with you own network Raptors T.V. I have been a subscriber for many years. I have to say I am not exactly happy with it these days. I keep it only because it helps me do my work here. But that has become far less this year. You have taken many of the post game shows and thrown them on the Internet on Raptors.com. That was one of the unique programs that I was paying money for, and your giving it away for free most of the time. Even in some cases there has not been pre-game shows. Instead you are showing other NBA games most of the time. Last I checked, your name was Raptors TV, and that would imply the Raptors should come first right? It really is frustrating to me as a subscriber. I just wish you folks would expand on the programing of Raptors TV and make all things Raptors the number one priority.

Speaking of T.V. I am among many that has been effected by this TSN 2 mess. I am not really sure who the blame falls for in this mess. But the one thing I am sure of is that I expect you to stand up for me as a supporter of this franchise. I have seen little said by the Raptors on this issue, and I feel that you need to be more vocal and aggressive in making these companies come to terms. They are in the end making you look bad and are creating an anger in fans that are diehards like myself and my readers. The people who are casual fans, you just give them an easy way to become disinterested. Show you care about your fans and make a statement, use some of your power and influence to get this nonsense behind us.

Moving on to the team itself. I as a fan want this franchise to win. You as a company want this team to win as well but be profitable. But you go on the record and say that you are trying to win a championship. If that is the case it sure does not look like it as it seems that you have done everything in your power to remain under the tax threshold. If it is about winning and not profit the best way you can prove it is improve this team and go into the tax threshold. Not to insult Jake Voskhul as a player or a person , but that is not exactly sending a message you are looking to win.

I will at least say by making a coaching change you are showing that you are trying to change things. It is also something that I take great pride in that a Canadian has become the coach of this franchise. I hope nothing but the best for Jay to have success and encourage you to give him the tools to do so.

There are lots of individual cases with regards to the personal of this team that could be debated. I will not do that. I will just simply say that you had stated through Bryan Colangelo that this team was the best roster he has had in his time here. That this team was looking to be a contender in the east. You created the expectations that you are now being held to by the media and fans. So it is up to you to match those expectations you created.

Finally just a word on what I do in writing a blog. I can not speak for all bloggers out there. But as for myself and my blog I am not your enemy. I want what is best for this franchise and do my best in my work to reach out to Raptor Fans. I have had talks with various folks in the organization about doing what I can to add to the coverage I am able to provide. I have been fortunate to have some success in reaching out to many of the people who cover the Raptors to come here and talk about them. I understand what a large market Toronto is. But Philadelphia is a decent size market as well and they set-up a conference call with their G.M to take questions from bloggers and new age type media. I would hope the Raptors would consider doing some things along this line. Access to games may be an issue but I am sure there is ways that can be worked on moving forward to allow the blogging community for the Raptors that is growing bigger and bigger some options to access. If you are willing to work with them I am sure they will be grateful for the chance to do so. I can only say in my case that I would be.

I will remain, trying to work hard and build relationships with you and the people in the organization. But I wanted to express some of my concerns in a fair and public way. I think a lot of people in your fan base share these views with the exception of the concerns over blog access. I will always remain a fan personally but I care about seeing the Raptor Fan base grow and not decline as it is in not just your best interest for that not to happen it is in mine as well.

As for the players, I only ask that you give effort, and do the best you are able to on a given night. If at the end of the day wins don't come but the effort is there I can except that as a fan. We all want what is best for this franchise and want to cheer you and not boo. Keep trying each day to be better and work hard in the quest to be better.

Your Friend

James Borbath ( The Dino Blogger)


  1. Good letter
    needs lots of editing but good overall

  2. james,
    no one will take this seriously with weak content and poor editing (grammar and spelling)

    strengthen the content and maybe youll have something, this is a pretty weak effort

  3. Well I am not sure what you are talking about as far as spelling. There is nothing in this spelled wrong that I can see. Grammar wise it may have had the odd issue. But I was just trying to express my feelings.

    As for it being taken seriously. I am pretty sure there are Raptor Fans who are both better and worse writers than me. It is about the message being expressed not how it is expressed. I am sorry if people did not enjoy this. I looked it over again and added some needed "," and the odd fix up. But I do not think this was any kind of train wreck from a writing perspective. The Dino Nation Blog is never going to be War and Peace. But I do the best I can on a daily basis.

  4. I agree with most of your views, as I'm sure so do most Raptor fans. Hope Colangelo and co. get a chance to read it.

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  6. Anybody who wants to read a well-written Raptors Blog, visit my brother-in-law's site: http://raptorsblogsite.blogspot.com/. Sorry Dino Blogger, I have enjoyed the content of your blog but in all honesty you should really have someone edit it before you post. Not being mean here, just constructive criticism. Best of luck in the future!

  7. Hey Dino Blogger,

    First of all, I must apologize. My brother-in-law Donovan posted a comment on your site that I had nothing to do with. I'm sure that he meant well and was only trying to be supportive of my work, but the result wasn't something I'm proud of. I don't want there to be any bad blood between us, and I actually am thrilled that there is another Raptors blogger on this site. I think it's clear that we both share the same love and frustration for this team, however I do not wish to enter into a competition with you or your readers. If you want, please feel free to visit my site and drop me a comment, I would welcome the contact. Hope all goes well with you, look forward to hearing from you!

  8. If it bothered me I would not have posted it. I am happy to see lots of people out there trying to do this and it is always a good thing in my view. This is something I wrote like 3 months ago. I was surprised someone is reading it now. I don't bother with worrying about competition with others. To have like war between blogs if you will. I think we all want the best for the Raptors and ourselves. So no worries. Good luck and all the best.