Voskuhl Deal Is Done

This is not exactly the big news of change Raptors fans have been waiting for is here. Um...Ok maybe not. But the deal with Jake Voskhul is done. So the question you are asking is how can they do this based on the much talked cap issues. Well it seems that the Raptors can still sign Voskhul and get under the luxary tax threshold by the end of the year. That could be done a number of ways. Nathan Jawai if he is unable to play this year the Raptor could get a portion of his salary back for a medical exception. They could also make a trade that would save them space. So it seems the Raptors have always had options even if it was not painted that way by them.

Jake Voskhul is not exactly going to change the world. He is far from a lesser version of Anderson Varejao as it was suggested by Raptor commentator Leo Rautins during today's broadcast on CBC. I respectfully disagree with his chartacterization of Voskhul. He is a big body that has played slim amounts of minutes in his time in the league. He is an extra big body that may help the Raptors rebounding but beyond that offers little.

Here is the official word from the Raptors on the signing.

Raptors Sign Free Agent Voskhul


  1. Theres a rumor i found on RapsRep. http://firechrismullin.blogspot.com/2008/12/warriors-and-raptors-set-to-make.html

    pretty crazy, idk if its be good, there are some who say it is false tho, b/c raps traded away 09 draft pick already

  2. Yeah that rumour doesn't really make any sense.

    But with regards to the Voskhul signing, what that's telling me is either one of Bargnani or Humphries is on the way out. Also, signing a 14th body on the roster may indicate a 2 for 1 or 3 for 2 type of deal, where the Raptors would be short a player.. hence where Voskhul takes care of that.

  3. Many should remember Jake was a starter for the Suns a few years back.So perhaps he has some gusto still left in him.I am convinced something is brewing. The Raps are now falling into inconsistency.