The Retrun of "The Baller" Adnan Virk

It is great to welcome back Adnan Virk To the Dino Nation Blog. I am not sure if this was explained in the first episode with Adnan but we worked together at another T.V Network and since getting with the Score we have re-connected. I mention this because he refers to me as "Jimmy" which was his nickname for me back then. I do not remember the reason why? I would not want people to think he doesn't know who I am. Adnan is the only person that I will allow to refer to me as that name.

In this visit we have some fun and tackle some issues from as simple as athletes twittering to the more complex issues that face the Raptors and CB4. Hopefully you will find it entertaining and enjoyable.

I have had a chance to be invited down to The Score a few times. Adnan has been a friendly face and has made me feel welcome. I am happy to have been able to have brought him to the Dino Nation Blog and had a chance to work with him. I am also proud to have the Adnan Virk endorsement as his favourite blogger. Adnan is a great guy and every bit the funny entertaining person you see on your T.V screen in real life.This maybe be news for Adnan seeing as he is not on Facebook but he does have a Facebook Group and I am a part of it. Thanks to Adnan for taking the time to be in the Dino Nation Blog as a guest.


  1. James,

    Next time, ask Adnan,

    "How come everyone who went to his high school in Odessa wasn't fortunate enough to drink from the same fountain, responsible for ensuring success at a certain CIS men's basketball program?"

    ... and, please be sure that he understands the question is intended in good fun.

    My $$$ says that he laughs heartily and gives you an interesting response about the fine exploits of the man responsible for churning out the best athletic products thus far from that corner of Ontario.

    All the best to Adnan, and to you. :-)

    Go [almost anybody but the mighty] Ravens!

  2. Cheers Jimmy ....err ....oops, I mean James. ;)


  3. Nice and what was you name again? Rock says it DOESN'T matter what your name is!!! Just kidding Doc. I wish I remember why I had that nickname. Everyone at TSN had nicknames.