Bosh's Ex- Girfriend Lawsuit Goes Public On CB4's Birthday

Well this is a heck of a way to spend your 25th Birthday. A story breaks that your ex-girlfriend has filed papers in court that claim you are a "deadbeat" dad. Dave Feschuk has all the details of the story in the Toronto Star. The suit is for 14.4 million dollars which is a heck of a lot of cash. I really question a lot about this and think in my opinion there is no doubt there was some intent in the timing in this lawsuit being made public. I question if this even belongs in this blog at all. It is something for the courts to figure out. The suit was filed on November 26th and the baby was born on November 2nd. If you read the story you can draw your own conclusions about it and will no matter what I have to say. I just finding the timing and the amount of this suit seem to say the least excessive. I also find a lot of the other details to be a bit hard to believe. There is a long list of these type of stories that involve pro athletes and I think sometimes athletes get targeted by people. Truth is we don't the entire story and it is not fair to comment on it. In today's society will that happen? Not a chance. Feschuk makes the connection to Bosh and his play dropping off to the lawsuit being filed. I am not a fan of Feschuk but to make that comparison is fair. If there is an off court matter that was impacting his play. What does all this mean for the future of Chris Bosh is interesting as well. Suddenly that extra 30 million dollars the Raptors can over Bosh suddenly may have a bit more of an appeal for Bosh. It is all a sorted mess and I dread reading comment boards on this topic. It would stink for anyone to have their personal lives across the papers and the media not to mention the Internet.

I still support Chris Bosh. I still wish him a happy birthday and hope the best for his future. This kind of tabloid journalism I am not a fan of at all. It has been a pretty awful season for Chris Bosh and it seems there was a lot more than anyone even knew. This to go along with people who are suppose to be fans turning their back on him. It really has been a terrible season on all levels.

I guess the point in all of this is everyone has things in their personal lives that you would not to play out in the public. People will say that when you are a pro athlete that is part of the price you pay for the fame and the money that goes with that. I have always said that athletes are people just like you and me. Do they live a far different life from us. Yes they do. However they are human beings as well. Chris Bosh has always been a stand up guy. I hope that when all the smoke clears in this he will remain that. I wish that I could say this will be the last we will hear about this but in the world we live you know that is not going to be the case.

Will this be the final nail in the coffin that sees Bosh end up elsewhere by 2010? It could be. However it also could be a reason to think long and hard about what life would be like in a place like New York. If this same story breaks and Bosh is a Knick it would be in the headlines for days on end and he would get far more attention than he will here in Toronto. I like to believe that here in Canada we are a bit better than the sensationalism and B.S that goes on in the New York media. I guess we are going to find out just how different things are in Toronto in comparison to a place like New York thanks to this story.

Who is telling the truth in all of this he said, she said mess is for a court to decide. However the one with the cameras in his face everyday is Chris Bosh. That is the big difference. I hope the best for Chris Bosh and I do hope the best for the child at the center of all this. It is sad that a child is brought into the world in such a way. Children are priceless and when anyone attaches a dollar value to a child I think that is sad. EVERY CHILD is PRICELESS regardless of who the father happens to be. That is something that should not be forgotten in all of this as well.


  1. True, at least this is not NYC for Bosh. They would have a field day with this issue.

    This is an open judgment call by me; I think Bosh's ex, Allison, is a type of lady that I feel is insecure and over-demanding (and talky), which is completely opposite of a "farm-girl" (who does not demand much, can hold her own, and deal with problems more smoothly). Very judgmental of me, but this is very similar to some past experiences and she fits the character of one of my ex's (*shudders*). Imagine you have kids with a lady like that, LIFE GETS VERY VERY DIFFICULT!

    I wish the best for Bosh and I hope this thing get resolved with less damages. Maybe this is a legit reason why his play and focus might be pretty off this season?

  2. It does explain a lot to what has gone on with Bosh this season. Hopefully this will give people some prospective. However I think it will just had fuel for the folks that want to run Bosh out of town before he chooses to walk away on his own. It is the whole chicken and egg debate. It sucks that guys are getting pushed out the door far to soon by the fan base of this team or at least a loud faction of them.

  3. A pipe-dream to us is if you can snap your fingers and turn Kapono into Andre Iguodala, there will be peace in Raptorland.