Raptors Rewind- Same Old Song Game Notes.

I really did not have to watch this one and thanks to TSN 2 they made that pretty easy. I am tired of trying to do it while watching feeds off the net. So we will make this a Game Notes edition. Given the Results of this one it is not like we will find anything earth shaking in it. Here is the Coles Notes Version Raptors a strong start. They fade in the second. Come back in the 3rd and run out of gas in the 4th and lose but 10 point which was not reflective of the true score. But for those of you that crave details no problem I will do my bang up job in game notes fashion.

1st Quarter
  • Bosh opens with a jumper at top of lane.
  • 2 for 2 for Bosh from top of key
  • Yao opens scoring for Rockets
  • Andrea with the mid range jumper
  • Bosh take a 3 pointer and he really needs to chill with that shot he missed it
  • Yao missed an easy one 1-4 start
  • Bargnani can make that 3 ball and he does
  • Bargnani drive kick to open Bosh in corner nice play as Bosh nails jumper
  • Steal and score for Rockets
  • The Bosh and Bargnani show continues Bosh with a score Bargnani with a block
  • Andrea not done drives for a score.
  • Steal for Jose, 3 pointer for Bargnani but he picks up second foul
  • Brooks draws foul on Parker
  • Louis scores, Bosh answers
  • Landry the jumper and he had all day.
  • Joey G a couple misses
  • Scola scores.
  • Calderon makes a jumper.
  • Combined 24 for Bosh and Bargnani in first.
  • Raps lead after 1 with score 26-20
2nd Quarter
  • Yao Ming opens second with a score.
  • Kapono makes a runner
  • Andrea picks up 3rd foul early in the second
  • Houston closes gap to down 3
  • Shawn Marion with a basket back from sick bay
  • Yao offensive board and dunk Rockets lead 34-33
  • Raps shooting gone cold 3-9 in quarter to this point
  • No drives all jumpers and not falling.
  • Houston abusing Raptors on inside and it has Houston on 14-2 run
  • Von Wafer with a runner, Dunk after that and run is 18-4 (Houston leads 42-35)
  • Marion kicks to Joey G and makes a corner jumper
  • Graham drives and draws foul
  • Bosh makes another jumper
  • Offensive rebound leads to Artest 3 ball
  • Bosh drive and Landry the block.
  • Scola battles on glass and is rewarded with 2
  • Landry takes a drop off for a dunk
  • Joey G drives and misses but Marion cleans it up
  • Bosh miss on fad away Marion Offensive board and score
  • Ron Ron for 3
  • Rockets 57 Raps 49 at the Half
3rd Quarter
  • Deep 3 for Shane B and it missed everything
  • Calderon a miss for 3.
  • Marion the quirky runner in the lane
  • Bosh a defensive stop
  • Bosh finds Parker in the corner for 3
  • Bargnani a 3 ball ties the score as Raps open on an 8-0 run
  • Brooks makes a 3 pointer.
  • Bargnani makes it back to back 3's
  • Ron Artest the long 2 and me makes it
  • Bosh loving his J and making more than he is missing.
  • Yao Ming bit shaken but not stirred.
  • Calderon another miss from 3 he is just 2-5 in the game but 11 dimes.
  • Bosh a score and Raptors have a lead
  • Bargnani great defense stand with 2 blocks
  • Scola scores easy lay up of the break.
  • Raptor rare second chance with Bosh Offensive Rebound leads To Marion Alley Opp Jam
  • Scola with another score.
  • Graham drive and a miss
  • Parker missed on a pull up J
  • Kapono finally hits a shot he is 1-5 on night
  • Bargnani drive and goaltending is called as his shot was heading down
  • But Houston is up 5 with score 77-72
4th Quarter
  • Kapono a miss JK is awful
  • Houston opens scoring and Roko answer the basket
  • Offensive foul on Graham and turnover
  • Return of Yao for first time in the quarter.
  • Lowery with a sweet dunk and one
  • Yao going off as part of a Houston run
  • Kapono makes a 3 pointer...Seriously he did
  • Calderon a long mid range jumper on Marion feed
  • Marion on break off turnover misses and Calderon cleans it up.
  • Bosh miss and Ming was on him challenging the shot.
  • Bosh down and out and Houston takes advantage of 5 on 4 powerplay making a 3.
  • Bosh hit the deck again. He was labouring
  • Von Wafer makes it back to back 3's
  • Raps get another second chance and Marion gets a bucket.
  • Wafer with the drive and score.
  • Bargnani the 2 point jumper
  • Kapono is back to missing as he jacked a 3 pointer.
  • Calderon makes a jumper on the move.
  • Landry the basket plus the foul.
  • Bargnani makes a jumper and Jose gets his 16th assist and Bargnani has 25.
  • Marion a dunk but would not matter
  • The Final Score is Houston 107 Raptors 97
So once again the Raptors are lack the D. Lacking the finish and just not good enough to win. The Stat sheet looks very nice for a lot of guys. But it did not translate into a win and that is all that matters in the end. It is beyond frustrating. However it is sadly what we have come to expect from this basketball team.

Box Score Raps/Rockets

Raps limp home to face Miami on Friday.

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