Raptors Rewind- Heat Wave Hit Toronto.

Well is it wrong of me that I am more interested in the debut of Pops Mensah-Bonsu than I am interested in the return of J.O and Moon. That is the truth for me. I said it this morning there return was a non event to me. So much so that when I was out this afternoon I had completely forgotten this game was happening tonight. Yeah it has got that bad. However I am here and in time for the tip of this classic. Well maybe not but D Wade should make this one fun to watch regardless. Bosh knows how good Wade is as he had a rebirth of sorts in the summer playing with Bosh for team USA. But Wade last year was just hurt. He is still the same old Wade. He is a serious contender for M.V.P of the league. That may have been conceded to Lebron James already but given the talent level Wade plays with and James you have to think Wade is a bit more impressive when you factor in the rosters they play with.

1st Quarter

The game is off to a slow start there was a lid on the rims at the ACC. Miami would bust it open with a 6-0 run. Jay Triano would call a time out and I will now repeat what he had to say this is a some what family blog. The Raps would respond and cut the lead down to 12-9. Pops Mansah-Bonsu checks in wearing number 44. He was making an impact rebounding a Jamario Moon miss from 3. We got to see a lot of those for the Raptors. Anderea Bargnani would fouled and the Raptors could cut the lead to just 1. Bargnani would make both and do just that. However D-Wade was doing what he does and already had 10 with his latest basket in response to the Bargnani free throws. The Raptors would continue to claw and fight and an AP dunk would tie it at 18 off a Miami turnover.

Wade would break the tie with another basket and Kapono would answer tied at 20. Pops was having an impact scrapping and battling on the boards this guy is doing some good thing early. One of his rebounds would lead to another Raptor basket to take the lead. Raptors were responding to Triano's rant early in the quarter. They would lead after one just a question of by how many. Chris Quinn would be fouled by Mansah-Bonsu. Quinn would make both at the line and a Parker buzzer beater would not fall but surprising the Raptors lead 24-22. Actually with a win the Raptors would sweep the season series with the Heat. Go figure.

2nd Quarter

The Heat would open the scoring in the second and tie it up. Bosh would draw a would foul and head to the line. He would make both and give Raps a 2 point lead. It would be short lived with a Quinn 3 to give lead back to Miami. However Joey G would get a score and Bargnani would follow and Raps had a slim 3 point lead. J.O and CB4 would exchange baskets. Quinn nails a 3 ball and we were all tied at 32 in a very entertaining 2nd chapter to this one.

Wright was fouled by Joey G and at the line for a pair. Miami ends up with a 1 point lead of 33-32. On defense the Heat switched to zone and it paid off. A stop and than a turnover for an easy score. But Chris Bosh would break the zone with a jumper. Wade was getting a long rest on the bench. Marcus Banks was in the game and how I know this is he was called for an offensive foul. Wade would return and hook up Haslem for the score plus a foul that he would make. Heat had a 38-34 lead at almost the mid point of 2nd quarter.

Raptor fans were finding out why Marcus Banks never say much time with the Heat as he chucked up an air ball. Bosh would fumble and bumble but draw a foul on J.O. It was non shooting but right away J.O would pick up a second also non shooting. Bosh would end up missing a shot after all that. However a turnover and a Jose drive but he would get called for offensive foul. ONeal would score at the other end. Bosh would answer with a basket. Bosh would get his 10th from 3 point range on the season and the Heat lead was down to 1 again. Haslem would score to extend lead to 3. Jose Calderon would drive score and draw the and 1 foul that he would make. Tied at 42. D-Wade would find an open look from 3 point range and make it. The Heat would continue to hold a slim 48-46 lead. Wade looked to make it a larger lead but had it tied up by Parker. Wade would control the tip and Moon would drive and score. Shawn Marion would answer with a drive of his own leading to points. Wade would score and get to the line. Heat had a 53-48 lead. Wade not know for hitting 3's but he was tonight as he made another 3. Marion would drive and score but it was the Heat leading on strength of Wade with a 56-50 lead.

3rd Quarter

Wade did not cool off from halftime break he opens the half with a basket. Parker would answer with a basket and he had 10. Jamario Moon would make a 3 pointer. Chris Bosh would answer with 2 for the Raptors and the Heat lead was 7. Jermaine O'Neal would miss on a jump shot on the move. Bosh would get the feed in the paint from Jose and turn it into two points. the lead was cut to just 5 points. Haslem was fouled and spilt a pair at the line. Wade would drive and kicked to J.O he just should have taken it himself. ONeal missed and he was a pitiful 3-11 on the night. But no worries a turnover would lead to an easy Wade score. Another basket would give the Heat their largest lead of the night.

Wade has 25 points and was 11-13 on the night that is just off the charts. He was far from done with another basket after a time out. Bargnani with a nice dunk in the mug of Canadian Joey Anthony. Shawn Marion would get a score as well and the lead was now just 8. The Kansas product Chalmers would make a 3 pointer and the Heat lead 71-60. Bosh would get fouled by Anthony and make a pair. Haslem with the score the other way. Roko Ukic and Pops Mansah-Bonsu had checked in. Mansah-Bonsu had an immediate impact tipping back in a basket. Bosh would get a score as well with a drive and score. Raptors had cut the lead down to 7 points.

A turnover would lead to a Pops Mansah-Bonsu slam. They were printing up 44 on Raptor uniforms up at Center Sports. However D Wade was having none of it as he would make another 3 pointer. Bosh would answer with a 2 pointer. He had a great night going too. But Wade was better. Pops has hops. However he could not convert the Marion attempted alley opp feed. Wade meanwhile was on his way to a 40 or maybe 50 point night. He had 35 as the 3rd quarter was coming to a close. Bosh had 30 himself. But beyond the individual show down the Heat still had a 84-76 lead. Wade had 36 and Heat had 86 while Bosh had 30 but his team only had 76. Imagine if someone got Bosh to go with Wade that would be a duo worth watching. They already share an agent.

4th Quarter

A miss to start the 4th for the Raps. Cook and Moon with back to misses. J.O would then get denied by Bargnani. Mansah-Bonsu is showing a hustle and an energy I am not use too. He has 10 rebounds in 12 minutes. Very JYD like is his hustle and rebounding. Toronto fans are going to like Pops if he continues to bring it like this. All that being said the Heat were still firmly in control with a 90-80 lead. Andrea Bargnani was playing well with 19. But the star of this show was D Wade and he now had 40 with a thunderous jam. Heat lead it 92-82.

Beasley the rookie had been quiet he was fouled and heading to the line. He would make both and the Miami lead was 94-82. Chalmers also a rookie was doing a bit better as he hit a 3 ball. The lead was 15 and the Raptors gas tank looked to be on E. There were flashes of defense for the Raptors but they were just that flashes. While The Flash AkA D Wade was killing them. Bosh was not giving up with out a fight. Hew would get a score pulling the Raptors to down by 9. However all knight long Miami has had the answer for every Raptor push. Cook the man that beat Jason Kapono for his 3 point corw drains a 3. Kapono answers with a 3. Heat are keeping control up 104-93. Bosh had 34 but it would go with out notice in comparison to the night put in by Wade. Kapono would make another 3 but it was to little to late with score 106-98 with under 2 to play. Bosh would get rejected not once but twice by the rookie Beasley. Almost as an explanation point to the night Wade made a terrific turn around that would quiet the crowd. He had 42 points in 40 minutes on the floor. It was a 108-102 final score.

Heat/Raps Boxscore

Things will not be any easier in trying to get a win with Jazz who are healthy finally heading into a Sunday Matinee with the Raptors. If you are just a fan of basketball you can't help been impressed with the performance.


  1. Well, we got Bosh's best game last night. It was unfortunate that it came on a night against a true number 1 in this league, as the effort was wasted. Wade has Bosh's old teammates - the ones who stunk out the joint in Toronto, but when your worth the max money than it doesn't really matter. You find ways to manufacture wins. Hard to believe he and CB4 will get paid the same amount of money on their new contracts.

    I think Jose's performance last night was defining. If there was ever any doubt whether TJ or Jose should have been kept, last night settled it. Congrats to the Dino Blogger for seeing that one a lot sooner than everybody else (and for putting it out there in public).

  2. Thanks but honestly if I ever say thing that is not going to great for the Raptors I truly hope that I am wrong about it. However it is fact that I have never been on the Jose bandwagon. Not that I dislike him just basketball wise he is not the type of point guard that I feel can get it done. His defense flaws are obvious.

    I appear weekly on the Radio in Montreal on a show called off the bench and asked the hosts if they were going to start a running basketball team who would they want as a point guard T.J or Jose. The answer was of course T.J. Maybe there is stuff we don't know as relates to T.J and what went down here. But to me from the outside looking in nothing was to the point it could not have been worked through.

    The one thing that not even I would have predicted was that T.J would play more games than Jose this season and that is truly a surprise and a good for fans of T.J