Dino Blogger Goes Court Surfing

Well last week there was no blog. The reason for that was I was invited down to Toronto to be in the crowd on Court Surfing and also to do something else. It was to tape a segment for The Score with a couple of guests I have had on from The Score, D.J Bennett and Randy Urban. The 3 of us along with a member of Real GM talk Raptors and MVP. So forgive the shameless self promotion but here is a link to the segment of the sixth man with your Dino Blogger and the aforementioned

6th Man- Score.Com

Or Watch It Here:

This was fun to do and hopefully there will be more of these things for me down the line in the future. The Dino Nation Blog has had a lot of cool things it has lead to me doing. I am grateful for all of them. I thank all of you that check out this blog for that as well. I work really hard and that combined with the support of readers has allowed me to do things that have been life long dreams. No matter how far things go for me in the future I will never forget that it started with the support of lots of great people that read the Dino Nation Blog. It has been a great journey and I am loving ever minute of it. In a Raptor season that has been truly awful, for me personally It has lead to a lot of great things. So I can't help but smile despite all the doom and gloom that surrounds me. It is always a thrill for me to meet any of the folks that read the blog and enjoy it. This may appear has shameless self promotion but to me it is promotion of not just myself or even the Dino Nation Blog but of the dedication of all Raptor fans and the readers of this blog most of all.

There will be other seasons and more things in the future God willing but I have made a point of always stopping at points in this journey to reflect and thank all that have helped get to the point where I am at. So thanks to all of you and thanks to all the folks at The Score for making the Dino Nation Blogger a tad more known than he was when all this got started. Thanks to Scott Carefoot opened a door for me by inviting me to be part of The Score Sports Federation and I have done my best to walk through it. Thanks to Brendon Lynch, Randy Urban and D.J Bennett as well as "way to be" who is known as Peter to his friends and family. Also to Anas Amhed who worked behind the scenes letting folks know about me.

I know some may wonder why I am always so grateful and thankful. The answer to that is the Dino Nation Blog was an idea that in some ways was a last shot at making a lot of dreams I had come true. So when stuff like this happens it is a great thing for me. I have been through a lot in life that some know more than others and maybe that is why. Regardless it is never a bad thing to appreciate people who have helped you and that is hopefully a lesson beyond basketball that folks can learn from me. Whatever dream you have never let it die. Keep it alive in your heart and hopefully you can have a ride like I have been on. That is a lesson the Raptors could learn from as well. Being in the NBA even on a team that is struggling is a great thing that only few people on the planet get to do. If I had the athletic ability to play basketball I would be out there busting my butt like Pops Mensah-Bonsu. That is just the type of person I am.

O.K, that is the end of my little speech. Life as the Dino Blogger has been a lot of fun. I hope it continues to be fun for many years to come.

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