CB4 Returns To You Tube and Toronto

Chris Bosh has a video out on You Tube. It is pretty interesting in what he has to say. I am not going to try to break it down. Instead watch it for yourself and I will say a few things after.

It has been a long season for Chris and I have to admit I would have liked to have seen the first video he talks about. I kind of wish Chris would cut loose and answer back to some folks. It has become a theme of sorts of late here in the Dino Nation Blog to come to Chris Bosh's aid. It is not like I need to but more like I feel that I should because not enough folks are. I said last year that for a variety of reasons the Jose/T.J debate was going to screw things up for this team. It did and it drove Ford away. You can say what you like about how he acted and think what you like. However long before T.J was any problem the issue was a problem in the fan base and in the media. I look at what is going on with Chris Bosh right now and see the same things. I am so tired of good players being thrown away by this fan base. Chris Bosh deserves better from this fan base. Is this the best year of his career? No it isn't. However he is a great player and a 4 time all star. Doug Smith said in The Star that Fans will end up missing Bosh when he is gone. Well he isn't gone yet. However if he were to leave I agree with Doug.

When are people going to wake up and start to understand that. I mean this whole concept of being afraid of people leaving needs to end. It just leads to it becoming an issue far before it's time. It leads to people hating on a player that is still wearing a Raptor jersey last I checked. I mean honestly I am confused what some of you out there are cheering for. Fans hate MLSE because they are the greedy corporation that is only concerned with money. They hate on the star player because they think he is going to split. Like who the heck are you behind? Who are you supporting? I seem to have a lot more supporters that don't think Jose is good. Where were those folks when I said it over a year ago? Seriously go find a mirror look in and ask yourself what exactly you are cheering for. Everyone talks about how players don't want to come here. Yet the best player we have you want to cast away because you want to beat him to the punch. It is totally stupid and insane. Chris Bosh is a good person and he tries to take the high road most times. I think some of us would like to seem him get angry and freak out but maybe that just is not who he is. The one thing that I have figured out is regardless of what happens with Chris Bosh that I am fan of his. Raptor or not. Just like I am with T.J Ford.

I will still always support the Raptors. However I am never going to support the stupidity that I see from some folks. If you are getting rid of Bosh tell me who the heck do you think is going to come here better at this point. The rest of the NBA sees what Toronto has done to it's stars. Chewed them up and spit them out. Vince Carter quit on the Raptors but how many people quit on him first? Maybe it is a chicken and egg argument in that case. However in this case it is clear which came first in terms of Bosh. I am tired of the fair weather nature of some people and it is getting me worked up. All I am asking you is be loyal to something or someone is that so hard? CB4 may not say it, but I will some of you people don't deserve him to be here, nor anyone better than him. However, for those that do I hope things can change, and the way this fan base has started to become. A losing season shows a lot about the character of not just management, coaches and players but fans too. Shaq said what he did and people around here laugh about it think it his humorous, some even agree with what he said. I have yet to read anyone point out what I did in the fact that less than a year ago he quit on the Heat. I just wish I would have seen people defend Bosh. What are they afraid of? It is not like Shaq is coming here. Maybe the days in sports of people feeling like that is there guy are done. Sports is a business is all I ever hear about. It may be true but it is not like you watch a CEO do his job 82 nights a year. Sports may be a business but it is a unique one.

In a world that is pretty crazy is it so wrong to want to believe in something or someone. Isn't that what everyone has done with Obama? So if there is nobody left on ship and I am the last one to go down with it so be it. CB4life and if your not down with that is fine with me. Just don't come crying to me in 2011 if this team has nothing better.

Chris Bosh is still good, the team around him has been the issue. He is still the same guy that folks chanted MVP for not that long ago. I can't blame the guy for feeling beat down from this season. Heck, I write about this team everyday and I fell beat down at times. This has been a forgettable season for everyone. The key will be is if everyone looks to forget it and move forward or react and be stupid. Last year this team over reacted and look at where we sit. Convince yourself all you like that a team without Bosh can be better. You are living in a dream that will never come true. How long did it take to move forward from the last Superstar leaving this franchise? Do you really want to wait that long again. Stupid Babcock trade aside, any deal for Bosh is not going to get you equal return. I hope that Bryan Colangelo can convince Bosh to stay cause it sure seems clear that it is not going to be the fan base.

Fans have the right to do whatever they choose even be stupid. Some are going that route. I am only saying that for the people that are insulting this guy. If you want to have basketball debates about him that is fine. However to cast aside what he has accomplished like nothing is wrong. This fan base did that with Sam Mitchell and his coach of the year award. Sam might have been a bit better coach than folks gave him credit for. But to late on that one.

It has been a privilege for me to watch Chris Bosh grow as a Raptor and stay or go I will always respect what a privilege it was. So you may not hear this a lot, at least lately, but thank you CB4 from the Dino Blogger to You.

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