You Can Run, But You Can't Hide....Where Is Your Defense?

The Raptors have been playing this up tempo style and it is interesting to watch. That being said is it just a case of slight of hand. They draw your attention to the new flashy running game, only to have you get distracted from the fact this team can't play defense. Andrea Bargnani may be one of the better defenders on this team of late. Huh? It is kind of true at least he is active and blocking shots. He is even rebounding to an acceptable level. Jose Calderon his no better a defender in this system. Which is saying a lot considering it would be hard to imagine him being worse. A game like last night where is offense struggles as well is just painful to watch. While Chris Bosh who was praised for his defensive play in the summer with team U.S.A, has just not been able to translate that to his play with the Raptors. At least not to the level people expected. Raptors at the start of all this were suppose to be looking to improve on the glass and on defense. A failing grade for both. No magic running game is going to erase the fact that this team needs a couple grit players that can be impact players on the defensive end. Although very entertaining the last two games have resulted in losses. That is the bottom line for fans. Shawn Marion could be one of the guys I am wanting... to a point. However I am not convinced he wants to remain. I hope that I am wrong because I am enjoying his game. You could really notice his absence as he tried to play with the flu and just could not. For a guy that has only been with this team for a short time is absence was evident. The return of some fans Super Hero Joey Graham could not counter that fact. In doing the Live Blog last night I forgot to add the boxscore last night. Well I did not forget I was just tired from watching all that running. But here is it for the record books.

Raptors/Mavs Boxscore


Triano Meltdown Moment

Also what you won't find in that is one broken clip board as Triano in frustration last night smashed his clipboard in the 3rd quarter. It reminded me of the story of Kevin O'Neil who famously smashed a lamp when he heard that Jalen Rose would be out for an extended period of time. That was in private though. Triano had his incident in public. So if this goes to trial over the price of that clipboard there is video evidence against Triano. However to be serious this just speaks to the frustration of Triano who has been put in an awful spot. It is clear he is fighting to save his job is it not? However I do not know if that is possible at this point and despite always wanting Canadians to do well, I can't imagine Triano remaining as the coach under to many circumstances. If he did I think it would be a shock to this fan base and a very difficult if not impossible selling job to the fan base of this team.

Triano for whatever reason when he is upset does not have the same impact on this team that Sam Mitchell did. Mitchell was never shy about telling you how he felt about anything. He has a long list of quotes from his time here that will tell you that. Triano has just been in his previous roll for so long I am not sure if deep down players take his anger and frustration in the same way. I say all of this as an outsider looking in and the fact that I was born with some good old fashion common sense. Well maybe you learn common sense but you get the point.

Playoffs? No Lottery

The reality is slowly sinking in for some that has been here for quite some time. This is not a playoff team and the only reason some have held out hope so long is how awful the East truly is. I want a draft pick anyway. this team needs some young athletic talent to add to the mix. Let Milwaukee,Chicago or the Nets get pounded by the Cavs or Celtics. I will take my chances in the lottery and walk away with hopefully a solid draft pick from whatever # we end up selecting.

On to Houston and the Raptors will need to stop Yao Ming? That is not going to happen is it? After Shaq just ripped through this team like a hot knife through butter. However he did follow that up with a great performance against the Lakers. Still Yao should be able to be dominate and a huge factor against the Raptors. Yeah that is the reality and just like this season...it truly bites.

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