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Before we get to Raptors and Bobcats game tonight, I want to talk about Richard Peddie. He was on The Game Plan this week and was asked about MLSE and their role in the TSN 2 mess. Peddie would conclude his answer by saying that it was "Their Bad " about the situation. Aside from the fact Peddie saying their bad makes me think of Kurt Angle trying to be cool back in the WWE. That is an acceptable answer? So I guess this entire season that has gone wrong with the Raptors is MLSE's bad. No worries after all the Raptors are still drawing fans and attendance is still in the Top 10 in the NBA. But what MLSE fails to realize or at least acknowledge is that they are damaging the growth of their product. They are also doing damage to the sport of basketball in this country. Yes, they contribute and support Canada basketball. They hold clinics for kids and do great work in the community through the Raptors foundation. However to truly grow the sport of basketball and the Raptor brand it takes an effort better than "Our Bad" as a response to the reduced coverage of the team across this country. This type of response from Peddie does nothing to do that. It is the same type of response he gave on Leaf Fans getting ticket prices hiked in the worst economy in most of our lifetimes. This is a company that is building luxury condos around the ACC and has lost touch with the average supporter of their brand in my view. Richard Peddie is the person that most seems to represent that out of touch attitude with the average fan. He no doubt does a good job at making MLSE money and that is why he continues to hold his job. But when it comes to public relations to the costumers that are the fan base of both the Leafs and Raptors he is a horrible voice to be used in any form of media. The less we hear from Richard Peddie the better. It does give us a look at how out of touch the folks at the top of MLSE seem to be with the fans. I support the brand they are selling. In some sense I make a bit of a living based on it. So when things like this happen it angers me both as a fan and as someone who at the end of the day needs this brand of Raptors basketball and basketball in general to grow. If Richard Peddie were not to like this critique of him it real is no problem. My Bad. Some how when the shoe is on the other foot I am thinking he would not enjoy that response. I don't expect he will read this, but none the less, the people he has ignored and is out of touch with will and that is you the Raptor Fan Base.

That is all I have for now. Bobcats and Raptors go at it tonight we can only pray that at the end of it the Raptors will not be saying OUR BAD for another horrible performance.

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