One Less Game To Endure After Tonight

So Chris Bosh did the weather last night on CTV. Roll The You Tube Footage:

He did a pretty decent job unless you happen to live in Peterbrough. Chris was not sure how many people live there. Thankfully he did not say that about Hamilton where I am from. That may have been grounds to end our facebook friendship. I learned something I honestly didn't know. He started his charity foundation when he was 18. Bosh in his time here in Toronto has done a great deal of work to bring smiles to kids be it directly or through his foundation. Maybe that is part of why I get so angry about people attacking this guy. He is a solid human being and that fact is more important than any win or loss total at the end of the day. This season has been a bad one for everyone and Chris Bosh I am sure feels the worst about it. Just because he continues to be himself and do various things like moonlighting as a weatherman or making a video for You Tube does not change that. If you have a bad day at work at whatever you do, would you not try to have some fun in your off time as well? I mean at least the guy is doing constructive things. In my view he has been a guy trying to lead a collective group that has lost it's desire to follow.

I got thinking of something yesterday, there really are only a couple players that can lead a team all on their own. At the start of this year there seemed to be an idea that Bosh was going to have help in leading this team from J.O and Jose. That has not happened obviously. I think it needs to happen. The example I came up with of a great player that never could lead his team to anything of consequence was Paul Pierce. He was in a spot much like Bosh and people said he was on his way out of Boston. The Celtics would bring in another guy who could not lead his team on his own to any great success. That is of course Kevin Garnett. Together with Ray Allen they have all come together and lead the Celtics comeback to glory. None of those 3 players indivdually could lead a team to anything better than a conference finals. So is it totally unreasonable what people expect of Bosh? There are very few indivdual leaders that can carry a team without support to a title or greatness. Not just now but in the history of the game.

Few could argue that at the start of this season Bosh was playing at an elite level. However it did not produce the number of victories it should. That is not on Chris Bosh that is on the rest of this roster. If Chris Bosh scores 40 plus points and this team can't win a basketball game that is the problem. Eventually as an individual no matter what Bosh is saying it has to piss you off. I said it once before that this team dragged Bosh down to a degree. If he had that support in leadership maybe that doesn't happen. Maybe those guys get the rest of this team to pick up it's collective socks. That never happened though. So instead of going the easy route and blaming Bosh for all that is wrong with this team people maybe need to consider that. Who were the people to support him and challenge him on this basketball team.

Madness Comes Early To NYC

Normally I would not mention a college game here in the Dino Nation Blog for an entire section. However when you have a 6 overtime classic at MSG that would qualify as special. The Big East Tournament saw one of the greatest basketball games I have seen on any level period. The UConn Huskies and Syracuse Orange battled through 6 overtimes and in the end Syracuse out lasted UConn. Andy Rautins the son of Raptor broadcaster Leo Rautins made a key 3 pointer at the start of the sixth overtime period to lead the Syracuse charge to finish what was an amazing game. Ironically the longest game prior was in 1981 when his dad Leo scored the winning basket to lead Syracuse to a win over Villanova. March Madness is on the way and there is lots of great basketball memories that are made in that tournament. If you are a true fan of basketball you had to love last night's game and love March Madness. This seems like a good time to mention that I have set up a March Madness Pool for you folks here at the Dino Nation Blog on Facebook. Here is a link to sign up.

Dino Nation March Maddness Pool on Facebook

T.J Ford On Hoops

It was very interesting conversation with T.J Ford on Hoops last night. It seemed pretty clear that T.J Ford and Sam Mitchell did not end their coach and player relationship on the best of terms. Which leads me to wonder how much influence Sam had in the choice between Jose and T.J. Everyone pointed to how Jose and T.J could not work together. However after listening to this interview it would seem that is was Sam and T.J that was the issue. Bryan Colangelo always talks about building consensus in making decisions. It seems pretty obvious who Sam was behind in that regard. This all leads to a question for me. If Colangelo and Mitchell were on thin ice and the plan was always to move towards this running system would it not have made sense to fire Sam in the summer and try to make Forderon work. Seems clear that Calderon is not as good without T.J as he was with him. It was obvious the J.O trade didn't work. What was also obvious is that Sam was at the front of the line in support of that trade.

Ford was never the villian he was made to be. A lot more people are loving T.J Ford these days in Toronto and a lot less people loving Jose. A lot of good that does. Where were you all last year? If the plan was to go the way the Raptors have with this running system. T.J ford should have been on this roster. He likely would be the starter given the way Calderon has played. Ford and Claderon pushed each other to be better. Who pushes Jose now? Exactly.

Detroit Basketball come to T.O

If you are expecting the losing streak to end here you are far more optomistic than the Dino Blogger. Pistons without AI and with Rip Hamilton in the starting line-up are on fire. Well maybe not fire. But they are much better than where the Raptors are at. But no need to worry about seeing it because it is a TSN 2 affair and you can be spared the pain. It had been reported that Raptors T.V was going to Simulcast this game but Raps T.V has just been replaying the broadcast after it concludes. Well after what Raps TV has on concludes to be accurate. Regardless we will have some form of recap of what happen. These things need to be documented for the history books.

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