What Does It All Mean The Rest Of The Way?

Despite getting revenge on Thunder and a 3 game winning streak for the third time all year. But with the Raptors on the verge of mathematical elimination does it matter at all? In fact are we not just costing ourselves ping pong balls with every win the rest on the way in these last 10 games? It is enough to drive you crazy. Add in the fact this team we see now is likely nothing like the one that takes the floor next year. Jose Calderon has decided to play out of his mind to a point. All this being said check the schedule and look at the teams the Raps have been beating not exactly a list of the NBA Elite there.

The Raptors take on a Bulls team this afternoon that is playing for something. That will be a true test. The Bulls have won 4 straight and emerged from a sea of mediocrity at the bottom of the East to claim the final playoff spot. We often make a big deal about trade deadline. Not has much as the folks in hockey do but still it is viewed as significant in the NBA. However it is rare when you find a team that actually takes deadline moves and dramatically change their outlook. The Bulls in getting John Salmons ( remember him the guy that said God told him to go to the Kings and ditched the Raps) and Brad Miller have truly made a difference for the Bulls. If not for those moves the Bulls likely are not going to the playoff Derrick Rose or not. It was a long fall from a team that not that long ago was considered on the verge of being a contender in the Eastern Conference. The Bulls have moved on from that disappoint with some good fortune in the lottery and are looking to climb the mountain back to respectability.

The Raptors much like the Bulls of last season have a similar story. They were full of expectations heading into this season only to see this team crash to the bottom of the Eastern Conference. In my recent interview with Adnan Virk he talked about how quickly you can recover in the sport of basketball. I agree with that statement. Basketball is a team sport but it only takes a few individuals to come along to change a team dramatically. There is a lesson for the Raptors in what the Bulls have done. You can not over react to the failure. Changes need to be made for sure. However you must pick yourself up and dust yourself off and start to climb the mountain again.

Lots of people are suggesting that the Raptors need a complete face lift at this point. The may not need a face lift as much as they need a make over. There is a difference and the Bulls are a great example of that.


  1. Ping pong balls be damned. I'm looking to watch entertaining Raptors ball, and yesterday's game was great! Jose with 22 and 19, incredible.

  2. Those little ping pong balls mean a lot. The games down the end of this season do not. I wish that I could look at things in the short term and be happy but I just can't do it.