Charlie V Twittering From Toronto

I have an interview set up for later today. So we will keep this morning brief. If you have not heard, Charlie V Twitters and he love to tweet. Even at halftime, pre-game whenever and where ever. So I thought for fun I would give you 10 things Charlie V might Tweet from his visit to T.O. So a drum roll please.....

10. How is Toronto liking T.J Ford now?
9. Where was my invite to Chris Bosh's Birthday Party?
8. Vince Carter says ACC is his house, He is wrong it is Charlie V's House.
7. I got you CB4.
6. Pops Mensah-Bonsu? I got him too no sweat!!!
5. 20 and 10 believe it
4. I miss Jose Calderon bringing my Gatorade to me.
3. Jay Triano is really the coach of the Raptors? That is what Sam gets for letting me get traded.
2. All Raptors Fans cheer for Charlie V and the Bucks to make the playoffs.
1. Bryan Colangelo...How you like me now?

So that is my list feel free to add your own as there are no wrong answer for this. As for what the REAL CHARLIE V will Twitter about. You can find out for yourself here at his Twitter Home.

I always like Charlie and despite supporting the trade that saw him leave, he is a good guy. There is no question he gets up for these match-ups with the Raps. All the best to him in his NBA Future.

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