Charles Oakley Comes Back To Toronto

Oak is back as an assistant coach for the Bobcats. Charlotte has had a nice turn around since showing Larry Brown the door. Now they have another problem to deal with in how they deal without the heart and soul of their team in Gerald Wallace. They are chasing the Raptors last opponent the Pacers. They are in a dead heat with Pacers currently. Raptors meantime were able to reverse what happened on Wednesday hanging on Friday to beat those Pacers. A rare late season 1pm tip time on the day clocks move ahead? Seriously who's idea was this? I am not a fan but we march on.

The Basics: Charlotte 27-38 (10-22 on Road) Toronto 18-47 (3-7 to last 10)

When Last We Saw Them: Barbosa was on fire and the Raptors road that to a victory over the Pacers. The Raptors unlike against the Jazz were able to hang on to a 14 point lead in the 4th quarter.

Key Match Ups: I guess James Johnson is the Raptors defensive stopper now? Well your next mission is stop Stephen Jackson. He becomes the key player for the Bobcats with Gerald Wallace playing for the Blazers post trade deadline. Jose Calderon does not do well against people who are fast. D.J Augustin is fast but he also is wildly inconsistent. Raptors should get an advantage on the glass with Reggie Evans and Ed Davis getting on the glass.

Other Things Of Note: Lots of off court news. The Teacher Pension Fund the largest stake holder in MLSE is looking to sell. Along with that the question as to why Bryan Colangelo's extension has not be inked seems to have an answer. All of this going on with the NBA on the path to a lockout has there ever been a more depressing and confusing time for Raptors fans? If all of that gives you a headache you might just want to check out our interview with Demar DeRozan and hear him talk about actual basketball.

Where Is It On: Sportsnet (They bumped Poker for this so be happy)

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