DNB Top 10 - Guest Host James Borbath

Ok Ryan has exams in school so maybe he forget it is Wednesday? Heck I am having a hard time remembering it is with no Raptor Game. So allow me to fill in for Ryan and with 0 preparation and come up with a top 10 list. Ryan's are usually more serious and what not. I will go for some humour. Seeing as the Raptors had a long flight to England it likely gave some people some time to think. So our top 10 will be....

10 Things People may have thought on way to England?

#10 Solomon Alabi: " Maybe by playing in a different continent I can get some playing time"

#9 Jay Triano: " I do know the international game better wonder if I can convince David Stern to have these games played under international rules?"

#8 Sonny Weems: " Maybe they have not heard of James Johnson over here in England this is good"

#7 Amir Johnson: " If I could learn to speak French for Montreal, I can learn to speak British"

#6 Andrea Bargnani: " If I wear my Italian soccer jersey, will people in England beat me up?"

#5 Matt Devlin " Is sneaking Tim Horton's coffee into a country illegal?"

#4 Eric Smith
" Better than Memphis....better than Milwaukee too."

#3 Jose Calderon " I am back my friends...Uno....Dose....Ole...Ole.....and Deron Williams is hurt...VIVA JOSE!!!!"

#2 Bryan Colangelo
" If we win both these games, I am going to pitch it to the board that the team was undefeated outside of North America. That should get me at least another Million on my contract extension. MLSE board will buy that, my team has under 20 wins and I am being offered an extension what would I have to do get fired? I am all powerful here in Canada. Bosh was stupid to leave you don't even have to win and you get paid. Oh and got to remember to ask to be paid in Canadian Dollars too!!!"

#1 Demar DeRozan
" Finally Heir Canada is going to London baby!!! and the real one not that fake one in Ontario. That was not cool last season. Damn pulling pranks on rookies. How was I to know London Ontario was an actual place?"

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