No Props Just Talk with Demar DeRozan

The growth of Demar DeRozan has been great to see on the floor. Selfishly it is great to see off it as well. I starting interviewing NBA guys on a regular basis in his rookie year and I hope that I have picked up my game a bit as well. But Demar in terms of interviews has. This chat with Demar we do everything from his personal definition of what he meant by "Going Ham" on the rest of this season, to his experiences in both L.A at All-Star Weekend and in London and some thoughts about college ball. I think it is one of the better chats we have had with Demar hopefully you will agree.

I am sure USC would love to have Demar DeRozan as a Junior but he is of course in year two of his NBA journey and doing very well. He is taking big steps on and off the floor and you can see a day when he could be the next one to try and lead this franchise to where we all want to see it be. Winning again and "going ham" in the NBA playoffs. Let's hope those days are ahead for both us, Demar and the Raptors. Kemba Walker is the point guard for UConn Huskies, it was interesting to hear Demar's thoughts on him and the fact he and Ed Davis know him pretty well. Might be someone the Raptors consider in the draft. Just a thought.

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