Triple OT Thriller In London

I kind feel bad that I am just not that excited about all this. But it has taught me the pain and troubles people go through in other time zones in the world to watch games. Thinking living the East coast we are spoiled sports fans to a degree. But it appears that over in London it has been a success. There is no question that these games in New Jersey where they would have been played would have drawn flies. So to play in front of sellout crowds is a much better atmosphere. Maybe it just the cold reality of the Raptors just playing out the string of the season is sinking in. While other teams have made changes and are in that life and death push for the playoffs the Raptors are not. It makes the individual not as life and death. I can't bring my sell to cheer for ping pong balls that is just not me. But regardless for the 2nd and final time the Raps and Nets hook up in England.

Demar DeRozan opened the scoring coming off scoring 30 last night gets the opening two of this ball game. Bargnani would drive and draw a foul on Lopez getting to the line and evened the game up at 6. A turnover and another DeRozan bucket and it was 8-6 Raptors early. Lopez would respond and tie it at 8. Calderon would answer that with a 3 and this was a start similar to yesterday. Hump had a big day yesterday and gets on the glass and gets a rebound and score. Much like yesterday a back and forth affair tied at 15. Also like yesterday Demar was on fire starting 4-4 in this one. Bayless was looking sharp early and it has been a long time since he has had what you could class a good game. Couple hoops and a steal. DeRozan a corner 3 ball...Really...wow. Raptors had a 26-21 lead DeRozan a huge jam and it is time we start calling this kid Heir Canada again also maybe.... the Franchise Player. 30-23 the Raptors lead on the strength of Demar DeRozan with 13 in the first.

Nets started the 2nd with a Hump bucket and another hoop and harm for Petro but no and 1. So Raptors lead was 30-27. Raptors with a lot of reserves in were not looking sharp at all a Barbosa turnover and Raptors were hanging on to a 32-30 lead. Barbosa made up for turnover with a bucket on the next possession. Jordan Farmar three pointer would get the Nets to with in one. But Barbosa answers with a 3 of his own make it 37-33 with a time out on the floor. Raptors after letting Nets get back to with in one but then got on a run and took a 46-38 lead. Barbosa after early struggles had 7 off the bench. Brook Lopez was abusing Ed Davis to get a couple hoops to draw the Nets closer 46-42 with a time out after a Sasha foul. Nets would get to with in on once more and this had a similar feel as to last night's game. 53-52 Raptors with just under 3 to play. Deron Williams starting to gel with Nets? Makes a big 3 to tie it at 55. He would give the lead to the Nets at the line making it 59-57 with just over a minute to play. Bargnani was getting to the line made two more and was 8-8 at line in half. A Sasha 3 and Jose matching 3 and it was tied at 62. The Machine was on fire another 3 and Nets led 65-62 at the half. Vujacic doing his best Matt Bonner impression 4-4 from beyond the arc.

More 3's to start the 3rd this time for the Raptors from Bargnani. It was just bombs away in London and Nets were 10-18 from 3 point Range as Vujacic and Williams helped create those numbers from 3. Nets only a 76-75 lead despite hitting all that. In a game with zero defence seems pointless to attack just Bargnani, and he was getting some boards 6 and had 22 points. Quietly getting it done and his latest 2 gave the Raptors the lead back 77-76 with 5:47 to play in 3rd. DeRozan meanwhile after the great start had vanished into the London fog. It was a tight battle and Bargnani even draws a charge on Hump. Later scores to give Raps a 83-81 lead with 3 to play in the 3rd and he has 24. I am hard on the guy and many are but you can't complain much about Bargnani today. He was keeping the Raptors in this game and still with a slight 85-84 lead. It would be tied at 88 after 3.

Raptors came out and took the early control with a 95-89 lead and Avery Johnson wanted to talk it over before this got out of hand. Nets would get things going and sparked by a Farmar 3 ball and it was 97-94. Bayless was having best game he has had in quite sometime as he scored on the break to make the lead 5 once more. DeRozan get a touch and gets into Davis for the dime for double d. Bargnani was resting during all of this and Raptors had a 101-95 lead with 5:29 to play. Demar after that huge first quarter has went silent and cold missing a hook in the lane. Hump on other hand brought his lunch bucket to London was great in first game and great today. Makes two at the line 101-99 Raptors. DeRozan finally gets on board scores the bucket and the foul and makes the and 1 his first points since the first quarter. that got him going he hits again and Raptors lead 106-101 with just over 3 to play.

Ed Davis got to line looking to restore 5 point lead and missed both. Hump a big dunk on other end and it was a 1 point game. DeRozan missed and Hump the rebound. Nets fail to Cash in and Davis a big rebound his 15th. Raps fail to take advantage and Nets call a time out with 1:11 to play down 106-105. Nets run a play for Lopez and take it right at Ed Davis and draw the foul. Lopez makes both and Nets lead 107-106 and Rators call a time out with just over a minute to play. Bargnani after being hot since checking back in the 4th had not been a factor and miss a jumper at top of the circle at the foul line. Nets go to Lopez again and he scores giving him 30 and Nets a 3 point lead. Caderon gets blocked but Amir cashes it in and makes it a one point game with 26.6 to play and Nets call a time out. Raptors decide to foul right away sending The Machine to the line for 2. Sasha would make 1 of 2 and Raptors got what they were looking for with score 110-108 in favour of the Nets. DeRozan had a quiet middle to his game but with pressure on drives and scores tie game at 110. Nets ball with 19.5 to play and Raptors out of time outs. Williams decided to take it himself and it doesn't fall. Were going to OT in London.

No clue why they did not go to Lopez on that final Nets possession but Raptors Live!!! DeRozan had last bucket of regulation and first of overtime. Shot clock violation for the Nets and DeRozan got blocked by Lopez. Hump ties it up at 112. More Hump and he has 4 straight points and Nets lead 114-112. DeRozan is learning and he shows it sucking the Nets into a foul and he makes both at the line tied at 114. DeRozan got called for touching ball in cylinder and Nets get the basket and it is 116-114. Bargnani had been silent since checking back in during the 4th. But he drives scores and draws the foul and makes that. Raptors in front 117-116. Barbosa would make 2 at the line and a charge on Hump Raptors were looking good to close this out. But Raps could not slam the door shut. Nets would get ball on a shot clock violation with 11.7 to play down 3. Anything except a 3 ball is good....Sasha for 3...NO...But Yes he hits it tied at 119. But still 9.2 seconds left. Bargnani took the shot to win it....but no....Double OT anyone?

Lopez opens scoring in OT #2. DeRozan to the line for a pair makes both and it is 121-121. Lopez fouled out and that was huge he had 34 points 14 rebounds and 8 blocks. Outlaw would score to give the Nets the lead though. Gaines the 11 day Raptor was in there at crunch time again and he splits 2 at the line. Jose drives wanted a foul call but didn't get one. Outlaw airballs a three that might have clinched this. Raptors eventual get a steal and Hump stops DeRozan on the break and swats it out of play but a foul on Gaines sends DeRozan to the line. Makes both and Nets lead 124-123 with 1:37 to play. Barbosa a terrible turnover but DeRozan got a steal on the other end and Bargnani with a 3 and after Raptors looked like they had blown it now were up 2 all of the sudden with 31 seconds to play in 2nd OT. Nets get a shot partially blocked and it goes right to Williams who sticks a simple jumper. This was looking like it might go 3 overtimes. This time DeRozan had a chance to end it but NO!!! Triple OT BABY!!!

DeRozan gets swatted trying to go for the slam to start the 3rd OT. By the way last time Raps were in Triple OT they were also on the road in Sacramento and lost that one. Nets get a score and the foul and lead 129-126. Nets would make a pair at the line for 5 point lead think that is largest lead for either team since OT got going. Nets would get lead to 7 and with under two to go I am thinking 4th OT is not in the cards. Raptors were down 5 with a minute to go. Bargs drives and draws a foul as he makes the basket. Hold the phone this might not be done. Makes and 1 and it was 135-133 with 47.2 seconds left in triple OT. Nets a turnover and will this ever end? Honestly will it? Raps have a broken play off a Jose miss and DeRozan sucks everyone to him on the drive and kicks to wide open Barbosa and he hits the open 3...Raps lead 136-135. Outlaw got fouled with 12.6 to play and he makes both. This was looking like it was going to end but who was going to win. Bargnani with another chance to win it and NO!!! It is over.....What a game...I need a nap. Nets take it 137-136.

Not sure stats click on link to boxscore but this was a huge learn experience for the Raptors in a playoff like atmosphere and lots of key moments. They can learn and grow from this. But don't tell them that right now that is a heartbreaking way to lose.

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