Rock Bottom

No this is not another promo for Raptor Mania. This is a post about the Raptors season and where this season fits in terms it's overall suckage. After the Raptors latest loss they sit 17-47 and that regardless or how the rest of season plays out avoids the worst record in franchise history. That happened in the Raptors 3rd season where they were 16-66. It was so bad that G.M at the time Glen Grunwald took to the floor and promised fans that things were going to get better. It had became a strange Raptor tradition over the years when he was G.M. Ironically the next year would be a labour stoppage shorten year and the Raptors did indeed get better and went 23-27. That was also the first season that Vince Carter arrived in Toronto. Some how I don't see Bryan Colangelo addressing the fans after the Miami Heat play the Raptors in the final game. But let's see where this Raptor team fits in currently in terms of the worst of all time.

  • 97-98 Raptors 16-66 (Winning Percentage .195)
  • 95-96 Raptors 21-61 (Winning Percentage . 256)
  • 10-11 Raptors 17-47 (Winning Percentage . 266)
  • 02-03 Raptors 24-58 (Winning Percentage .293)
  • 05-06 Raptors 27-55 (Winning Percentage . 329)

With now 18 games remaining it is hard imagining the Raptors winning 11 games. So at the end of the day they will finish anywhere from the 2nd worst record all time to the 5th. This team in it's 2nd season in the league did better than this current collection of Raptors. That is pretty sad isn't it. People do not want to blame Jay Triano and they use the roster as the excuse. The Raptor did give Sam Mitchell that out as well actually. Mitchell in his first season was 33-49 in comparison Triano was 25-40 in his first year replacing Mitchell in season. In year 3 after matching 33 wins in year 2 Mitchell fell to 27-55. So in reality there is not much difference when you compare the two.

Mitchell (Through 3 Years) 93-153 Winning Percentage .378

Triano (As of Today in Year 3) 82- 129 Winning Percentage .388

That is pretty close over the last 18 games you would expect Triano to fall maybe a little but it is almost a dead heat. Think back to after year three with Sam Mitchell were people not calling for his head? Pretty sure they were. But year four for Sam Mitchell would be the first full year with Bryan Colangelo as G.M and it was a magically year for Mitchell. He would get 47 wins and be named The Coach of the Year. Does anyone think Jay Triano is going to do that? No sorry I don't think so. However for those that make the argument that Jay has been kept around based on his passport alone this suggests their is not a lot of truth to that.

Going back to that worst ever season. Raptors had 24 players roll through Toronto that season. That sounds familiar doesn't it? Just for fun some names from that squad included Oliver Miller, Shawn Respert, Popeye Jones,Reggie Slater, Walt Williams, Gary Trent. Hardcore and older Raptor fans will remember those names. It also had future All-Star Chancey Billups and was rookie year for Tracy McGrady. But who remembers Tim Kempton, how about Ed Stokes? We even had Roy Rodgers. Not the guy from the old cowboys movies. I wonder how many of these Raptors we will remember in 10 or 15 years? Trey Johnson, Sundiata Gaines and Solomon Alabi will anyone remember them?

To be honest there is not a lot about this season anyone is going to want to remember. It might be looked back on as the year Demar DeRozan started the path to stardom. But honestly if we could all hit the fast forward button and erase it from our memories think that would be fine for most. Can Colangelo do what Grunwald was able to do after that worst season? That is going to be tough because I don't see a Vince Carter in this draft class. He was the biggest part of Grunwald's turnaround. The Raptors are in a very similar situation though with a terrible season that is expected to be followed by a labour stoppage shorten season. A whole new CBA and playbook to deal with. I have said all along that Colangelo has targeted the time after the new CBA is done as the point the Raptors start to do the heavy lifting in this turnaround in life after Bosh. The injures which continued last night as Reggie Evans returned and ironically checked in for an injured Amir Johnson. That was not something Colangelo banked on. He hoped this team could just get through this season and be bad but not nearly THIS BAD!!!

But you can spin this however you like this is one of the worst seasons in Franchise History. If you think the fanbase was upset with Glen Grunwald after that 16 win season, it is nothing in comparison to how they feel now. Sixteen years is a long time and the Raptors are almost back to square one where they started. That for anyone that has followed this team from when it started is a tough pill to swallow. MLSE has some serious work to do if they hope to keep this fan base engaged and interested moving forward. They must make steps to improve and do it fairly quickly.

This was not a very happy post. In the hopes of cheering you up slightly check out my appearance on Raps Talk podcast with the Hip Hoop Junkies. I rap in it. No really I do. So if that doesn't hook you the interview after it is really solid. Jay Satur who has been a guest here in the Dino Nation Blog's Starting 5 is also a guest on this podcast as well. So go check it out here.


  1. Very well written. I must say that after watching the Raptors for 12 years now, I am losing interest. Tired of excuses and the incompetence of the top people in this organization.

    Rant over.

  2. They have had some bad misfortune. They prospered when they had Carter and McGrady at the same time and actually went to the playoffs. It seems as if the NBA players don't like playing in Toronto.

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