Nets Pull Away Late In London Night.

Here we go with some NBA History as Raptors and Nets play the first ever regular season game in Europe for the NBA. Jose Calderon and Deron Williams both addressed the crowd together and this was different from you average NBA game.

The Nets once all the per-game hoopla was done scored the first 4 points in this one. Raptors would get back to even up at 4 and this was settling in to be your regular NBA game. Both teams were having no issues with the new arena for both. Shots were falling and the Nets were back on top in a see-saw affair. Andrea would tie it up at 10 only to have Nets sink a 3 on the other end and it was 13-10. Demar DeRozan with the first big highlight of the afternoon here and the night there. A throw down on the break on the pass from Jose it was 15-14 Nets with a time out on the floor. It was a back and forth 1st quarter and these teams might not be in a playoff race but were putting on a good show for the fans in London the Raptors on top 23-22 late in first. The Raptors on a 7-0 run had their first lead of the afternoon/evening. Nets would close the quarter strong and take a 27-23 lead after one.

The Raptors starting the 2nd on a roll and got off to at 10-0 run to start the quarter before Avery Johnson had seen enough and called a time out. Raptors were able to keep an advantage and seemed to have the edge in support even though this was technically a Nets home game. But the Nets would chip away at the Raptors lead and take the lead 43-41 after the Raptors lead by as many as 7 points. Demar Derozan had 14 points and Brook Lopez had 17 to lead their respective teams. A Weems dunk in transition would give the Raptors the lead and another Weems score gave Toronto the lead 51-47 at the half.

The momentum in this game took another turn at the start of the 3rd as the Nets stormed out of the gate to retake the lead 56-55. The wave making a comeback in London that was not a normal NBA occurrence. Meantime on the floor Nets were off to 15-6 start to the 3rd quarter and led 62-57 with just under 8 to play in the 3rd. Raptors offence was chilly and the defence in the 3rd Quarter was not good. But as the script had been for this game the Raptors would claw back and tie the game at 74 near the end of the 3rd. Raptors would keep it rolling and take their turn with the lead. After a pretty awful start to quarter but the end of it Demar DeRozan had 22 points and Raptors had a 81-78 lead.

Nets would quickly come out and tie it up at 81 but Ed Davis would score and give Raptors a 2 point lead only to see the Nets hit a 3 pointer to get on top for 84-83 and this basketball game was like a Wimbledon tennis match. Minus the grass court. Nets started to build an advantage 91-84. But as this game had gone the question would be could they hang on? Gaines who had been on the Raptors with a 10 day earlier in the year, is now on the Nets and he sparked the Nets to build on their lead to make it 98-87. Raptors would make one final push to try and get back in this cutting the lead to 100-95 with just about 4 minutes to play. But the Nets would get the net 4 points and the lead was back to 9 points. The Nets would pull away down the stretch and we going to score the first blow is this rare 2 games series of sorts. Nets take it 116-103 despite the fact Demar and Andrea combined 53 points. Kris Humphries the former Raptor had 18 points and 17 boards stepping up big for the Nets.

We will here from Michael are fan correspondent with his thoughts on his experience so far later in the DNB. Also before this game got started I was able to catch up with Holly Mackenzie and we had a really great conversation for the starting 5. So those are to come so check back for them later.

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