No Motown Miracle 2

I have to be honest. It is the eve of March Madness and we have two teams out of the playoff on a Wednesday in March is not really exciting me. That is what the season has become. Would be nice to see the Raptors win but it kinda doesn't help them at this point. But we do all 82 so let's get another one in the books shall we? This was where one of the more exciting moments of this season happened. It was where the Raptors made their largest comeback in Franchise History. So here we go with the Green Machine. I hate these Green jerseys I have tweeted it, said it in the preview just makes us look like Celtics not playing like them though. Rajon Rondo as a Raptor that would be nice.

Raptors got the open basket but the Pistons would get the better of the early play and take a 10-4 lead. Things would only get worse and a turnover turned into an easy lay-up for Monroe with no GREEN jersey in a mile of him. Pistons had a 14-6 lead and Triano needed a time out and finally took one. A nice cut to the hoop and lay in for DeRozan but Pistons get a 3 on the other end and another 2 points and is was 21-12 just past midway point of the first. As I said in preview beware of T-Mac and he was doing it again some Raptors fans from Windsor must booing him Whatever it was he was kicking tail and Pistons led 33-18. The Raptors looked terrible it was 35-22 and clearly their defence did not make it through customs. Pistons would light up the Raptors for 38. It was 38-24 for Pistons shooting 60.9%.

Raptors scored the first 4 points of the second but Pistons got a easy put back to get on the board and the lead was 10. Piston would go to work on the Raptors and quickly build the lead to 45-30 and another wasted effort time out from Triano. What is the point honestly this team can't defend and he knows it, they know it and we know it. Pistons just continued the beat down as Ben Gordon nails a 3 ball to make it a 20 point Pistons lead 51-31. Raptors did show a pulse with a little 6-0 burst but it was hardly time to get excited. Raptors had made things a little more respectable score wise 59-44. Raptors did get back in it thanks mostly due to Evans and Barbosa. It was 63-52 and given the train wreck that first half was Raptors should feel very luck to be in this game at all.

Bargnani started 2nd half with a bucket could the Pistons blow another big lead to the Raptors again? Prince and Rip combine to say no. But Andrea was saying yes nailing a 3 and it was 65-57. Hamilton well rested make the answer three ball. This was looking bad for the Pistons as the Raptors were now just 6 down and as close as they had been in a very long time. Pistons were starting to get rolling again and had lead back to 10 and a Raptor time out at 78-68. Raptors were growing frustrated with whistle not blowing in their favour and were down 83-74. Nice no look pass by James Johnson the only Johnson standing on this night to DeRozan for the easy flush and Raps were down a touchdown to the Lions. Wait they are locked out make that the Pistons. Detroit would get lead to 11 and were still shooting 60.3%. 87-76 After 3.

Raps would start another charge to begin the 4th and got this game to a 5 point game with Barbosa drive and score. But that is as close as the Raptors would get there was no Motown Miracle the sequel. in the end Pistons build back there lead and were adding to it late up 107-91 with under 2 to play. In the end it is a Pistons 107-93 win.

I mentioned Davis and Monroe match-up in preview and that was BIG!!!

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