Top 10: Bargnani's Thoughts while Rebounding

We all know by now that Bargnani isn't the greatest and probably won't be a great rebounder even if he is 7 feet tall, but have you ever wondered what he thinks when he's in the process of rebounding and when he actually grabs a rebound. Now don't get me wrong, Andrea is a great player, but his lack of energy in terms of rebounding etc. in just mind-boggling. Anyways lets get on with this top 10.

#10: If Earl Watson can do this so can I right?

#9: Hey, Jay did you see that? I actually got one.

#8: Come on Andrea, you can do this, all you gotta do is extend those arms.

#7: The ball is coming towards me, what should I do? Man, where's Lebron when you need him?

#6: Yes, I finally got one. In your face Jose.

#5: Dang it Jose, that one was supposed to be mine.

#4: This is so much easier in NBA 2k11.

#3: That's 6 rebounds for me tonight, I told ya'll Primo pasta works.

#2: Man, this is so much harder than playing defense.

#1: Woah, where did this come from? I'd better shoot. (via @DiabloTweets)

So that completes another installment on the DNB's Top Ten. Since the Raptors season is basically over, with not much left for them to play for other than a high draft pick, I'll try to keep things on the humor side for a bit, before getting back to the serious stuff in time for the NBA playoffs. Have a great week folks and feel free to follow me on Twitter @Ronny006. Peace.

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