Top 10: Triple OT Edition

If you watched the Lakers-Suns game last night, you were witness to one of the most exciting, nerve-wrecking, nail-biting game of the season. If you missed if, well you missed one heck of a game. From Channing Frye showing how clutch he was to Kobe showing he's still "The Closer", to Ron Artest blowing kisses again and of course VC being VC, this game has to go down as one of the bests this season. Watching this game, which seemed like it would never end, you have to wonder what's going through the minds of the players and coaches with each minutes that passes. So in today's Top 10 we will be looking at just that.

#10: Josh Childress: If this game goes to another OT period I'll get some playing time right?

#9: Phil Jackson: Come on guys, lets end this thing already. I ain't getting any younger you know.

#8: Pau Gasol: Dang this game is long. Good thing I remembered to DVR Dancing With The Stars tonight.

#7: Vince Carter: Okay Vince, just think happy thoughts and you'll hit the next shot.

#6: Channing Frye: Why'd you pass the ball to Vince, Steve? He's already missed like 1000 game-winners in this game already.

#5: Kobe Bryant: That's how you perform in the clutch Lebron.

#4: Ron Artest: QUEENSBRIDGE

#3: Vince Carter: Come on Steve, pass me the ball. They say the 500th time is the charm right?

#2: Steve Nash: Why did I pass the ball to Vince, when we all know he ain't gonna hit that shot?

#1: Vince Carter: Seriously, triple overtime!!! If I had seen this coming I probably would have faked an injury or said I had a graduation today.

Hope you enjoyed today's edition of the Top 10. If you have NBA League Pass and missed that game last night, I highly recommend that you watch it, plus you'll get to see Vince brick a few game-winners.

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