2012 Draft Preview

As I'm sure you all know, the NBA Draft is at 7:30 tonight. Team DNB will be hosting a Draft Party at St. Louis Wings at the Atrium on Bay where Raptors fans will be united by their love or hate of the Raptors' pick. So what do you need to know before the draft?

Before watching the draft, I suggest stopping by Draft Express, which has all of the information you need on this year's prospects as well as a terrific and usually fairly accurate mock draft.

Outside of Anthony Davis at number one, the selections are far from confirmed or obvious, with many potential trades in the works and a lot of deception by NBA front offices. Will the Bobcats keep their pick? Is Washington really that interested in Beal, or are they just screwing with the Cavaliers? Are the Cavaliers interested in Dion Waiters like Adrian Wojnarowski reported this morning? Are the Rockets going to get Dwight Howard with all of the picks they've collected in the past few days?

There are many questions that will be answered in just over an hour. It's incredibly difficult to speculate how things will play out, because they change by the second.

The Raptors seemed certain to trade their pick just after the lottery, but now seem to be just as interested in using their pick. Are they simply concealing their hand? Are they waiting to see how the first seven picks play out? No one knows. I'm not even sure Bryan Colangelo knows. I'm very eager to see what the Raptors do. Maybe they will trade the pick for a wing player. Maybe they draft Lillard. Maybe Waiters. Maybe Lamb. Maybe they throw a curve ball and draft someone no one thinks they will. It's just so hard to say.

What do you think the Raptors will do?

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